Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumors are everywhere, already revealing most of the details that customers can expect from the upcoming smartphone. However, a new leak shows that Samsung might still be holding some secrets for the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung may have already revealed the design of the Galaxy Note 8 ahead of schedule through a tweet promoting the Exynos 8895, but the new leak takes a closer look at the smartphone's front panel.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector Features Six Cutouts

OnLeaks, a reliable source of leaked information, tweeted a photo that contained three variations of a Galaxy Note 8 tempered glass screen protector. OnLeaks claimed that Chinese manufacturers have started updating their products as the Galaxy Note 8 release draws nearer.

The obvious difference between the three Galaxy Note 8 screen protectors is the cutouts that are housed at the top bezel.

The first screen protector, dated June 16, contains four cutouts, while a CAD drawing by OnLeaks from June 27 featured six cutouts. The third screen protector, which also has six cutouts but at different sizes compared to OnLeaks' CAD drawing, is the newly leaked one.

What Are The Cutouts For?

In last year's Galaxy Note 7, the top bezel contained the opening for the ear speaker with three additional cutouts for the front-facing camera, the iris scanner, and the ambient light sensor. The four cutouts from the June 16 Galaxy Note 8 screen protector resembles those of the Galaxy Note 7.

However, the two other screen protectors have six cutouts. It is believed that the two extra cutouts in the OnLeaks CAD drawing will be for the iris detection LED and the proximity sensor.

Interestingly, the latest screen protector replaces the two small holes that are believed to be for the proximity and light sensors for two larger ones. There is no need for the cutout of these sensors to be this big, which raises the possibility that Samsung has been able to keep a new feature for the Galaxy Note 8 a secret despite all the leaks.

What this feature could be remains largely unknown, though Samsung fans might not have to wait long to find out. A recent report claimed that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on Aug. 23 and will launch the smartphone in September, so all the official details of the device, including what the mysterious cutouts are for and the location of the Galaxy Note 8 fingerprint scanner, will be known in just over a month.

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