Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 8 with a variety of new features and top-of-the-line specifications, but one of these new features was first released by Apple for the iPhone 6s two years ago.

The Galaxy Note 8 release date, along with its final specs, have been leaked, making it very unlikely that there is still some unknown information about the smartphone. However, the report on the new feature reveals that there are still some Galaxy Note 8 specifications that have not surfaced.

Galaxy Note 8 To Feature 3D Touch

According to a report by South Korea's The Investor, Samsung has added Apple's force touch technology into the Galaxy Note 8.

For those unfamiliar with the feature, force touch technology allows users to access additional commands and shortcuts by increasing the touch pressure on the smartphone's display. Apple launched the feature in its iPhones through the iPhone 6s and has since included it in all succeeding iPhone models except the iPhone SE. The first iterations of the technology, however, first appeared on the Apple Watch in 2014.

Apple's marketing name for the feature is 3D Touch, and it appears that Samsung will adopt the same name.

The inclusion of 3D Touch expands the input options for users in the absence of the home button. By applying a bit more pressure on the Galaxy Note 8 screen, users will likely be able to open hidden menus and options. However, it is unclear what kind of functions Samsung will build into the Galaxy Note 8 that will take advantage of the technology.

Samsung And Apple Copying Each Other?

Some would say that Samsung is merely copying the 3D Touch feature from Apple, but at this point, it is very hard to say who is copying who as smartphone technology is ultimately heading into one direction.

Samsung removed the home button in the Galaxy S8 to expand the display to the entire front face of the smartphone, which is something that Apple will do with the upcoming iPhone 8. The flagship models of the two companies are also starting to look indistinguishable, with similar measurements, designs, and features.

Samsung, however, will likely look to establish a difference between the Galaxy Note 8 and Apple's iPhone 8 at the planned Unpacked event on Aug. 23. The smartphone is expected to be launched into the market before the iPhone 8, giving it a head start before sales for Apple's next iPhone models open.

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