Destiny 2 News Roundup: Live Action Trailer, Reddit-like Companion App, PS4 Download Availability, And More


Bungie is going all out for Destiny 2, and it's turning out to be one heck of a game.

First off, there's a new live action trailer called "New Legends Will Rise." On top of that, the companion app has been given a makeover and some Reddit-like features. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 owners will be glad to know that the game is already available for download via the PlayStation Store. Last but not least, Bungie is offering collectible pins designed for Guardians who have big hearts.

Live Action Trailer

The new Destiny 2 trailer was met with a lot of praise. Considering that Cayde-6, who is voiced by Nathan Fillion, is the star of the show backed with a Beastie Boys soundtrack, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

That's not even mentioning that the director of the clip is none other than Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who was behind Kong: Skull Island and is tasked with directing the Metal Gear Solid movie.

"It really did have to do with my love of video games, and sci-fi, and Destiny. It was just impossible for me to turn down. It had too many things that I love in it," he told GameSpot.

Companion App

Now more than just to provide players with access to their gears and stats, the Destiny 2 companion app got some nifty social features.

There's a feed for the latest news and updates, and there's a section dedicated to the community. Think something along the lines of a Destiny subreddit, where fan art or anything fan made are posted, just like, well, the Destiny subreddit.

Just to be clear, it's already available now for Android and iOS.

PS4 Download

PS4 players who bought Destiny 2 can already download the game from the PlayStation Store, a few days before the game officially rolls out on Sept. 6. It's pretty hefty at about 32 GB, though.

Now it won't let anyone take the whole game out for a spin earlier than those who didn't download it. It'll just let gamers prepare for when the servers go live, which is 12:00 a.m. local time.

For the record, Xbox One owners have already been given access to preload Destiny 2 for some time now.

Bungie Collectible Pins

Bungie is offering collectible heart-shaped pins and an exclusive Destiny 2 emblem with the same design for $14.99. The proceeds will go to the Bungie Foundation and will help Direct Relief in providing support for Houstonians.

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