Sony Unveils Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro As Part Of Limited Edition 'Destiny 2' Bundle

Sony unveiled Glacier White as a new color option for the PlayStation 4 Pro, which will only be available as part of a limited edition bundle featuring Bungie's highly anticipated shooter, Destiny 2.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is only currently available in a Jet Black color option, so the new Glacier White version may attract players into purchasing the console. Destiny 2 coming with the bundle is a bonus, and a rather huge one at that.

Sony Unveils 'Destiny 2' Bundle, Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony unveiled the Destiny 2 bundle with the Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro through an official PlayStation blog post.

Included in the bundle is the PlayStation 4 with the new color option, a 1 TB HDD and a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller. In addition to the copy of Destiny 2, players will also receive a voucher to acquire a digital content pack that provides access to the game's Expansion Pass and premium DLC.

Destiny 2 players on the PlayStation 4 will gain access to bonus content before players on the Xbox One and PC. This content includes a competitive multiplayer map, a co-op Strike for three players, a new ship, a specialized gear set, and an exclusive exotic weapon.

The limited edition bundle will be available on Sept. 6, which is also when Destiny 2 will launch. Preorders are now open for the bundle, which carries a price tag of $449.99.

Is The 'Destiny 2' Bundle Worth It?

The PlayStation 4 Pro is being sold by Sony for $399, while the version of Destiny 2 included in the bundle appears to be the Digital Deluxe Edition that is up for preorder at $99.99. Combined, the console and the game are valued at about $500, so the Destiny 2 bundle represents about $50 in savings with the added bonus of the new Glacier White color.

It should be noted, however, that the PlayStation 4 Pro console included in the bundle is missing any obvious Destiny markings. While this might tick off some hardcore Destiny fans, this likely means that the Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro will find its way into more bundles in the future and perhaps could also soon be sold on its own.

Players who have been holding off on purchasing the PlayStation 4 Pro should definitely think about purchasing the bundle, as it offers the console alongside one of the most anticipated games of the year. It is unclear, however, if the Destiny 2 bundle is good enough to compete against Microsoft's Xbox One, which is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro but pales in comparison when it comes to its list of exclusives.

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