Facebook is currently testing a feature that'll enable Instagram users to share their Stories as native Facebook Stories.

The move is seen as Facebook's attempt to fill up the Facebook Stories platform with added content since very few people seem to be using it. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, has managed to rise in extreme popularity, even surpassing Snapchat's daily active users, which is where Facebook copied the feature from.

Facebook Is Testing Cross-Sharing Instagram Stories

Several users on Instagram are already seeing an option to share their images or Stories to Facebook, as Mashable reports. On Facebook, they'll look no different than typical Stories, as if they were created right inside the app, but users will know where it originated because each will have an "Instagram" mark under the user's name and photo.

Desperate Attempt To Convince Users Into Creating Facebook Stories?

The Verge calls the test quite sad and desperate, as if Facebook is doing everything it can to goad audiences into using Stories on its own platform. Perhaps when the company integrated the feature into Instagram then later ported it to Facebook, Messenger, and even WhatsApp, its hope was for everyone to start using it regardless from which app. However, that move might have just confused its users.

Right now, the Stories format is popular on both Snapchat and Instagram, which makes sense considering both are photo-focused social platforms. On Facebook, users can do other things such as watch videos, read articles, and communicate with people. As a result, many might not even care to create or share Stories using the app.

Of course, this is only a test, so there's still a chance Facebook might not roll out the feature for everybody. However, it's also possible that Facebook is starting to realize users actually do want Stories — just not in every app.

Facebook added its own version of Stories earlier this year, but it seems it hasn't taken off quite like its Instagram counterpart. The company now hopes to solve that problem by intermingling Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. It's still not clear what Facebook wants out of this. Maybe it's hoping that when users see more Facebook Stories, they'll be then bothered to make their own, but time will tell.

Do you use Facebook Stories? Would you much rather prefer it in one app only or in every other app Facebook owns? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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