Society's definition of beauty is always evolving. It once found Marilyn Monroe and her curves sexy, only to favor very thin models on catwalks years later. Today, many aspire to have a body like Kim K, proving that beauty trends are indeed cyclic.

Keeping up with beauty trends can be exhausting because they are constantly changing. We've recently seen the rise in popularity of ombre hair color, bobs, lobs and something called swag haircuts (seriously?!).

As ridiculous as some beauty trends are (um, remember the whole thigh gap thing?), it's interesting to look back and see just how much times have changed the definition of beauty. Cut Video recently released a new video showing 100 years of beauty in one minute.

The video features a time lapse of a model changing her hair and makeup to match every decade from 1910 to 2010.  In 60 short seconds, viewers see the model transform with each era, changing from a flapper to a selfie-obsessed Millennial.

Starting the video off in 1910, the model wears soft curls and simple makeup for a more natural look. In 1920, she sports short, bobbed curls and defined lips in her flapper girl stage. The 1930s bring a more classic, old Hollywood feel, whereas the '40s is all about the pinup look with doll-like makeup.

The 1950s look is so Marilyn Monroe glam, and of course the '60s is hippie chic (notice how the poof was worn way before the days of Snookie?). The model's '70s look includes long, voluminous hair, where the '80s look is so, well, '80s.

Fast forward to the 1990's and the model looks like she could be one of the Spice Girls with her straight hair, bangs in place with a bobby pin, and a "whatever" attitude. The grunge days are represented in the 2000's, as the model strikes her best rocker pose.

The video concludes with 2010, where the model wears long hair, a light lip and slightly smokey eye makeup. Of course she has to snap a selfie with her best duck face.

While the model look beautiful across the decades, the video shows us just how much our standards of beauty have changed. So can we please put the duck face to rest and bring back timeless glamorous trends?

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