The latest trend in hair color modification will now let the rug match the drapes. Or in this case, maybe the runners that decorate the mid-way point between the drapes and the rug. We're talking about dyed armpit hair.

Yes, dyed armpit hair. It is a thing now. A psychedelic, pastel, unicorn-colored thing all over Tumblr, Instagram, and other social media photo-sharing networks.

Few individuals have already dared to bare their dyed pits in the past, but the current surge in the trend is being credited to hairstylist Roxie Hunt from Seattle's Vain salon when she was curious about dying her co-worker's unshaved pits to match her wild blue-ish green locks.

She wrote a blog post about the experience and the formulation of dye to developer she used and described it as, "a major win for body hair." Her blog became an internet sensation and has gone viral.

Very soon, other free-spirited women were posting pictures of their dyed underarm hair using the hashtags #dyedpits or #ladypithair to share the multi-colored body hair fun.

While some comments do not understand the trend, saying it looks gross or disgusting, it could actually be hailed as the next step in girl power or feminism or empowering women to take control of their own body image.

Many women choose not to go through the hassle of constantly shaving, waxing, or undergoing LASER procedures to remove the hair in their armpits. While most women will just let it grow au naturale, many others who want to be a bit more creative see no reason not to dye their pits to match the hair that grown on their heads.

As one Instagram poster who celebrates the trend said, "[Growing out your hair] is so empowering. As a young girl, you are always told, hairless is beauty, it's perfection. But when you go against the grain like that... it's so empowering. I really recommend you try it."

It is certainly not a look for everyone, but once you get over the initial shock of seeing a woman showing off her underarm hair - and even proud to do so - you can begin to appreciate the artistry behind it.

Check out some women who are proud of their pits and aren't afraid to show them off in many colored hues:

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