Free Xbox Games With Gold For October 2017: Mysterious 'Gone Home,' Puzzler 'The Turing Test,' And More


Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox Games with Gold lineup of free games for October 2017, featuring a pair of Xbox One titles that will challenge the minds of players.

The free Xbox Games with Gold titles for next month are Gone Home: Console Edition and The Turing Test for the Xbox One, and Rayman 3 HD and Medal of Honor: Airborne for the Xbox 360.

Xbox Games With Gold October 2017

A post on the Xbox Wire announced the four titles that can be downloaded for free by Xbox Live Gold subscribers next month.

The first free game next month is Gone Home: Console Edition, which is the Xbox One version of the popular first-person mystery title that was first launched for the PC in 2013. In the game, players come home after a year abroad only to find their house empty. Players will need to figure out what happened to their family by investigating their home and finding clues.

Also coming as a free game for the Xbox One is The Turing Test, a first-person puzzler set on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. Players will be tasked with transferring power between machines and structures to continue the game's story.

Gone Home will be available to download for the whole month of October. The Turing Test will also be available for a month, but it will start as a free title on Oct. 16 and stay that way until Nov. 15.

Xbox 360 gamers, meanwhile, will also receive two free titles for October, namely Rayman 3 HD and Medal of Honor: Airborne. Rayman 3 HD is a visually striking rendition of the 3D platformer, while Medal of Honor: Airborne is a paratrooper-focused entry in the popular first-person shooter series from Electronic Arts.

Rayman 3 HD will be available for the first half of October, while Medal of Honor: Airborne will be available for the second half. Both games are backward compatible with the Xbox One, though, so owners of the current-generation console can also download and install these titles.

Xbox Games With Gold September 2017

The new lineup for October 2017 follows the Xbox Games with Gold for September 2017, which was headlined by racing simulator Forza Motorsport 5 for the Xbox One and Battlefield 1 predecessor Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360.

Forza Motorsport 5 will be available as a free game to Xbox Live Gold subscribers until the end of the month. Supernatural adventure Oxenfree, meanwhile, can be downloaded for free until Oct. 15.

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