The SNES Classic Edition has been successfully hacked, opening the path for the retro console's owners to add more games into its line-up.

The SNES Classic Edition sold out quickly in retailers across the United States, as the NES Classic Edition successor also proved to be a smash hit. However, some gamers want more out of the retro console, so a hack has been developed to make it an even more capable device.

SNES Classic Edition Hacked Just Over A Week After Launch

An SNES Classic Edition teardown revealed that the internals of the new retro console are very similar to that of the NES Classic Edition. This meant that it would take a much shorter time for hackers to crack the SNES Classic Edition, as a lot of work has already been made for the NES Classic Edition to make it easier to modify.

The SNES Classic Edition hack was uploaded to YouTube, and it detailed a few but complicated steps in adding more games to the retro console. The video warned that the process was an early version of the exploit though, so there is a considerable risk of bricking the SNES Classic Edition if everything does not go how they are supposed to.

Fortunately, it did not take long for hackers to release an easier version of the software needed to modify the SNES Classic Edition. Named the Hackchi2, the software will provide the necessary instructions for owners of the retro console to add more games to it with a lower chance of doing something wrong to brick the SNES Classic Edition.

What's Next For The SNES Classic Edition?

Shortly after the SNES Classic Edition was launched, hackers were already able to rip Star Fox 2, a never-before-released game that is making its debut in the retro console. The game was even sold in SNES cartridges by some sellers.

The SNES Classic Edition hack, however, does the opposite — adding more games to the retro console instead of extracting them. While the 21 games included in the retro console are a great selection, there are several other SNES classics that are worth reliving, including Chrono Trigger, ActRaiser, Earthworm Jim, and Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3.

Of course, the question is whether or not Nintendo will be able to keep its promise of ramping up SNES Classic Edition production enough to meet the high demand for the retro console. The device is currently hard to come by for some gamers, though hopefully stocks will be replenished soon and often as the holiday season draws near.

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