SNES Classic Edition Exclusive 'Star Fox 2' ROM Ripped, Sold In SNES Cartridges


Star Fox 2 has already been ripped from the SNES Classic Edition, with its ROM now shared online and the game even sold in cartridges that work with the original console.

Star Fox 2 is a never-before-released title for the SNES, and its inclusion in the SNES Classic Edition is one of the retro console's main selling points. Gamers who have not found a store that still has stocks of the SNES Classic Edition, however, can still play Star Fox 2 through other methods.

Star Fox 2 Ripped, Sold In SNES Cartridges

When Nintendo unveiled the SNES Classic Edition earlier in the year, one of the biggest surprises about the company's second retro console was the inclusion of Star Fox 2 in its lineup of games.

Star Fox 2 was meant to be released for the SNES in the mid-'90s, but it was shelved despite being a completed game to make way for Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64. It was never officially launched until Nintendo released the highly anticipated SNES Classic Edition.

Hackers wasted no time in working on Star Fox 2, ripping the game and sharing its ROM online to be played on PCs. There have even been listings spotted on eBay and Etsy of Star Fox 2 fitted in cartridges to make it playable on the original SNES console, bringing the game to its rightful homes after decades of delay.

Extracting Star Fox 2 from the SNES Classic Edition was likely made easier because the new retro console shared the same motherboard and internal components as its predecessor, the NES Classic Edition. The similarity also likely means that a hack to add more games to the SNES Classic Edition is coming soon, and most owners would likely want to add Chrono Trigger and the Donkey Kong games into the device.

SNES Classic Edition Sold Out

While playing Star Fox 2 on the original SNES is retro gaming at its finest, working units of the decades-old console are hard to come by. Playing Star Fox 2 on the SNES Classic Edition would be the second-best thing, but stocks for the device have sold out everywhere, as expected.

Nintendo promised that gamers will not have trouble finding SNES Classic Edition stocks, as it has dramatically increased production of the retro console compared to the NES Classic Edition. However, it appears that Nintendo still could not keep up with customer demand, with listings of the SNES Classic Edition already populating online reselling websites such as eBay and Amazon, but at double the $80 retail price.

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