Holiday Gift Ideas For Video Game Lovers


Let's be honest: it's not easy to shop for gamers. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different products out there - games, accessories, downloadable content - and unless you're well-versed in the industry, picking out exactly what to buy for someone isn't always easy.

The good thing is, if you're looking to go above and beyond just buying someone's favorite game, there are plenty of different options available. Collector's Editions are a great place to start, and accessories are perfect if your loved one already has the game in question. So, stick with this gift guide and you'll be guaranteed a happy holiday...and so will your loved one!

Nintendo's 'amiibo' Figures

Aside from being amazingly cute little figurines, the amiibo figures will also interact with select Nintendo games. Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart and Hyrule Warriors all have uses for the little figures, and since they start at around $12.99, buying a few (or several) isn't going to break the bank.

Available on: Amazon

SNIPER ELITE III: Collector's Edition

For shooter fans that are looking for something a bit more methodical, Sniper Elite III is perfect. Plus, the Collector's Edition comes with some great merch, including dog tags, playing cards, and a laser pointer. At roughly $60, it's one of the cheaper special editions, too.

Available on: Amazon

WWE 2k15: Hulkamania Edition

Hulk Hogan made a huge WWE comeback this past year, and it only makes sense that he'd appear in this year's annual video game, too. The Hulkamania Edition of WWE 2K15 includes access to both the Hulk Hogan and Sting downloadable content, plus a small figurine and a piece of a WWE ring canvas. It's $99, but the price works for the amount included.

Available on: Amazon

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix: Collector's Edition

Yes, the title is an absolute mess, but Kingdom Hearts II is one of the best RPGs on the market, and the Collector's Edition is the icing on the cake. Aside from the remakes of the first two Kingdom Hearts games, the bundle includes a collectible pin, an artbook and a plushie of one of the game's enemies. For $99, this is an absolute steal - both games alone would usually go for much more than that alone.

Available on: Square Enix Store

Wolfenstein: The New Order: Panzerhund Edition

Wolfenstein: The New Order is the opposite of Sniper Elite III: this is for the fans that want to kick the door down and blast everything in sight with two double-barrel shotguns. The Panzerhund Edition comes with everything an alternate-history buff could ever want: weathered postcards, confidential documents, a journal and a set of dog, a miniature of one of the game's horrifying cybernetic enemy dogs. Again, at $100, this much merch is a steal.

Available on: Bethesda Store

Far Cry 4: Kyrat Edition

Far Cry 4 has come seemingly out of no where to become one of the biggest hits of the year, and the Kyrat Edition just adds to the greatness. Along with the game, the Kyrat Edition comes with a statuette of the game's villain, a map of the game's world, a propaganda poster, downloadable content and a travel journal. At $130, it's a little pricy, but it's a must for hardcore Far Cry fans.

Available on: Amazon

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Atlas Pro Edition

Does Call of Duty even need an introduction? It's the biggest game of the year every year, and the Atlas Pro Edition is by far the biggest special edition out of any game in the series. While some of the other collector's editions are all about physical goodies, the Atlas Pro Edition is all about the DLC: the game's exclusive maps and Season Pass are all included, along with a special in-game assault rifle.

Available on: Amazon

Destiny: Ghost Edition

If there's any game from 2014 that wins the award for 'Most Divisive,' it's Destiny. Bungie's MMO-shooter sparked more than a few heated debates between fans, but there's no questioning the Ghost Edition: aside from the typical inclusions like a steelbook case and the game's Season Pass, the Ghost Edition comes with a small replica of the robotic Ghost from the game's story...if only it were voiced by Mr. Dinklage himself.

Available on: Amazon

Dragon Age Inquisition: Inquisitor's Edition

Dragon Age Inquisition is a huge game, so it only makes sense that its special edition is equally huge. This GameStop exclusive includes the game, tarot cards, replica lockpicks, an Inquisitor's badge, coins from the game, a journal, a quell and inkpot, full-scale map markers and a cloth map - and on top of all that, it literally comes in a treasure chest. It may be pricey at $170, and it can only be found in select GameStop stores, but this is the end-all be-all of special editions.

Available on: GameStop

The Controller Shop - Custom Gaming Controllers

So, what if someone already has all the games on this list? Well, it's hard to play games without a controller, and while it's easy to just buy one, why not take it a step further? The Controller Shop is easily the best place to buy customized gaming controllers anywhere: the site's easy-to-use controller creator lets anyone put together a custom controller. No longer will your loved ones have to play with boring old black controllers: it's easily the priciest option in this guide, but it's also the only one that allows for true customization, and that alone is worth the price.

Available on: The Controller Shop

There you have it: the ultimate holiday gift guide for gaming! Don't disappoint your family with another holiday full of boring gift cards and loving sentiments - get them something they really want!

Plus, everyone loves free stuff!

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