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Home Renovation Projects with the Best and Worst Return on Investment

So you're ready to renovate your home, but want to make sure that the money that you put in will lead to the best return? If several areas of your house need work, how do you even know where to begin?

Life & Style August 7, 2019

Ben & Jerry's Wants To Make CBD-infused Ice Cream

Food companies in the United States are jumping into the cannabidiol bandwagon. Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's said it plans to produce CBD-infused ice cream once it is legal.

Life & Style May 31, 2019

Ontario Man Ippolit Bodounov Fined $15,000 For Trying To Smuggle Bag Of Leeches From Russia To Canada

Niagara Falls-native Ippolit Bodounov pleaded guilty to smuggling more than 4,000 of medical leeches into Canada last year. He violated the country's Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act.

Life & Style May 29, 2019

This Is How Missing Hiker Amanda Eller Survived Two Weeks In Hawaii Forest

Maui hiker Amanda Eller went for a three-mile run in the woods and found herself lost for 17 days. Here's how she survived without food, water, and even shoes for more than two weeks in the wild.

Life & Style May 27, 2019

Hershey's Redesigning Chocolate Bar For The First Time In History

Hershey's is changing its classic milk chocolate bar for the first time in history. The company is set to incorporate emojis on their treats to represent emotions and foster sharing.

Life & Style May 16, 2019

Oldest Surviving Porsche Type 64 To Be Auctioned Off For $20 Million

RM Sotheby's is featuring the Porsche Type 64 at its upcoming auction in Monterey in August. Known as the oldest-surviving Porsche vehicle in the world, the Type 64 is expected to sell for $20 million.

Life & Style May 15, 2019

Oreo To Release Limited Edition Cookies For Moon Landing's 50th Anniversary

Space fans will get to enjoy the new Oreo Marshmallow Moon this coming June. The limited edition cookies will be launched as part of celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's Moon Landing.

Life & Style May 15, 2019

World's Most Expensive Coffee Available In The US For $75 Per Cup

San Francisco-based Klatch Coffee Roasters is offering customers a chance to sample the premium Elida Geisha 803. At $75 per cup, Panamanian coffee is considered to be the most expensive variety in the world.

Life & Style May 13, 2019

Scientists Who Selfie On Instagram Gain More Public Trust

Scientists can win more hearts with Instagram selfies. A new study shows that people perceive seemingly serious scientists as warmer and more deserving of public trust when their social media accounts have their actual photos in it.

Life & Style May 11, 2019

Australia Misspells ‘Responsibility’ On New $50 Bill

People in Australia have noticed a misprint in the newly released $50 bills. The banknotes misspelled the word "responsibility" in the micro-text for Edith Cowan's historic speech as the first female member of the country's Parliament.

Life & Style May 10, 2019

Fake German Heiress Anna Sorokin Convicted Of Fraud After Fooling Banks And Scamming New York's Elite

A New York court has convicted Anna Sorokin on several counts of heft of services, grand larceny and attempted grand larceny. The Russian-born German national managed to fraud several friends and businesses by pretending to be a wealthy heiress.

Life & Style April 28, 2019

$15,000 Prosthetic Leg Lost By Skydiver Dion Calloway While 10,000 Feet In The Air Found In Lumberyard

Dion Calloway was skydiving when he lost his prosthetic leg. When it was found. the artificial limb was intact and did not appear damaged even after falling from 10,000 feet in the air.

Life & Style April 26, 2019

No Budget To Travel? This Company Can Fake A Vacation For Your Instagram

In fact, some of the enviable travel photos on the Instagram Explore page are probably fake. A recent study reveals that 10 percent of people post fake vacation pictures on social media.

Life & Style April 22, 2019

Arby's Will Send You To Hawaii But You Can Only Stay For 6 'Sandwich-Filled' Hours

There will be 10 lucky winners who will get a chance to be featured in a marketing video shoot for Arby's in Hawaii. Those who want to join must register on the fast-food chain's website starting April 12.

Life & Style April 13, 2019

Kansas Woman Addy Tritt Buys Out Closing Payless Store To Donate Shoes To Nebraska Flood Victims

Addy Tritt, a 25-year-old graduate teaching assistant, purchased all 204 pairs of shoes from a local Payless store. She then donated the footwear to victims of the Nebraska flood last month.

Life & Style April 3, 2019

Burger King Wants You To Try Its Meatless Burger: Game?

Burger King announced it would serve meatless Whoppers in its stores in St. Louis. The vegetarian patty is made by Impossible Foods, who used genetically modified yeast from the roots of the soybean plant as an alternative to beef.

Life & Style April 4, 2019

Walgreens Plans To Sell Cannabis-Infused Products In Its Nearly 1,500 Stores

Walgreens announced it is selling cannabis-based topical products in its 1,500 branches. Research showed that topical cannabinoid has the potential to treat skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Life & Style March 30, 2019

Grocery Shoppers Claim Seeing Victorian-Era Ghost At Market Basket Wilmington

A Victoria-era ghost apparently lurked on the aisles of a Market Basket store in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The incident became the talk of the town with some Facebook users sharing their own ghost stories and funny antics.

Life & Style March 28, 2019

Drunk US Adults Spend $48 Billion Shopping Online, And Amazon Is So Happy About It

Americans who shop online while drunk reportedly spends as much as $400 a year, which is equivalent to $48 billion annually. Amazon is the favorite choice of drunk shoppers by a mile, followed by eBay and Etsy.

Life & Style March 26, 2019

These Are The World's Most Expensive Cities According To EIU's Worldwide Cost Of Living Report

Analytics firm Economist Intelligence Unit has released its list of the world's most expensive cities to live. Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore all ranked in the number 1 spot this year.

Life & Style March 20, 2019

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Saves Florida Customer's Life

A Taco Bell customer walked out unharmed in a car accident after an SUV barrelled into the restaurant. He said he had left his place momentarily to get more hot sauce before the vehicle destroyed his table.

Life & Style March 19, 2019

Plano In North Texas Tops List Of Happiest Cities In The US 2019

WalletHub lists Plano in Northern Texas as the 'happiest city in America' for 2019. The city edged out big market cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Life & Style March 19, 2019

More Americans Choose To Stay Single And Live Healthier Lifestyles, Survey Shows

More American women today choose to stay single compared to men. However, this does not necessarily mean that unmarried people have given up on love.

Life & Style January 9, 2019

New York's Nia Imani Franklin Wins 2019 Miss America Pageant

Nia Franklin was crowned as the newest Miss America in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The runners-up are Miss Massachusetts Gabriela Taveras, Miss Florida Taylor Tyson, Miss Louisiana Holli’ Conway, and Miss Connecticut Bridget Oei.

Life & Style September 11, 2018

Spiral-Shaped House Designed By Frank Lloyd Wright In The Market For $12.95M

A Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in Phoenix is up for sale for a staggering amount of $12.95 million. The one-of-a-kind spiral house is located at the upscale neighborhood of Arcadia in Phoenix.

Life & Style September 5, 2018

Scientists Have Finally Solved Life’s Biggest Mystery: How To Break Spaghetti Into Two

Researchers from MIT have figured out a way to break a dry spaghetti into just two pieces. The unique study was published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Life & Style August 15, 2018

Great Style And Winning Designs: Interview With Serkan Ozturkcan, VP Of Marketing, Solo New York

Since 2008, Solo New York has been one of the best designers of laptop bags and backpacks. It is introducing three new collections: Varsity, Roadster, and Highland.

Life & Style August 6, 2018

This Mall Has A Solution For People Glued To Their Smartphones: A Special Lane

A Chinese shopping mall has implemented special lanes for the 'heads-down people,' meaning those who walk around looking down on their smartphones. Along the lanes, painted messages remind people to look up.

Life & Style June 9, 2018

Vermont Will Pay Up To $10,000 For People To Relocate And Work Remotely Within The State

Up to $5,000 a year, or not exceeding $10,000 for two years, may be given to qualified workers in Vermont. The grant is part of the state's efforts to encourage migration and retention of older workers.

Life & Style June 2, 2018

Not Forever: For The First Time, De Beers Will Sell Diamonds Made In Lab

De Beers confirmed that it will soon offer synthetic jewel-grade diamonds for sale. The company plans to market the products under the Lightbox brand and also admits there is a market for lab-grown gemstones.

Life & Style May 30, 2018

Michigan Man Credits Odd Lottery Strategy For $2 Million Jackpot Win

The lucky 22-year-old, from Wayne County, Michigan, claims his winning scratch-off lottery ticket conforms to a special rule that he observes. He credits his odd lottery strategy for winning the jackpot.

Life & Style May 28, 2018

Lightning Strikes During Thunderstorm In UK Disrupt London Airport Travel, Leaves Hundreds Stranded

Flights at the London Stansted Airport were canceled, delayed, and diverted after a lightning strike damaged an aircraft refueling system. One airline offered passengers refunds and free transfers.

Life & Style May 27, 2018

Vintage Levis Jeans First Bought In 1893 Sells For Nearly $100K

The 125-year-old pair of Levi Strauss jeans was sold through a private sale. The vintage denim was originally owned by a storekeeper who established one of the first American dry goods stores in Tucson.

Life & Style May 27, 2018

Now Is The Best Time To Find A Job: US Employment Opportunities Hit Record High

The Labor Department revealed on Tuesday that there was about one job opening for every unemployed American in March. What industries posted the highest number of job vacancies?

Life & Style May 8, 2018

Retired Prison Guard Eats His 30,000th Big Mac

Don Gorske has already eaten 30,000 Big Macs since the early 1970s, when he first tried McDonald's signature burger. Does consumption of Big Macs daily make him sick?

Life & Style May 6, 2018

Whole Foods Receives Public Backlash After Partnership With Asian Restaurant Yellow Fever

Whole Foods became a target of online criticism after it had announced its partnership with a restaurant called Yellow Fever. The name has been tagged as racist, but the owner said it is a fusion of culture and food.

Life & Style April 29, 2018

Mailman Faces Criminal Charges For Hoarding 17,000 Undelivered Letters

A mailman hoarded 17,000 letters in his car, work locker, and apartment. He said he was overwhelmed by the number of mails and made sure the important letters were delivered.

Life & Style April 20, 2018

Supreme Court To Rule On Sales Tax Of Online Purchases

Online shoppers could pay more upon checkout if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns a 26-year-old rule on sales taxes. The court is due to hear a case against retailers that have not been collecting sales tax from customers.

Life & Style April 16, 2018

Burned Silicon Valley Home That Sells For $800,000 Draws Flak On Social Media

A burned house in tech hub Silicon Valley got backlash for being priced at $800,000. The realtor said the neighborhood itself is a viable investment for the would-be buyer despite the high cost of living.

Life & Style April 13, 2018

Nestlé Introduces Pink KitKat With Ruby Chocolate In UK, It's Coming Soon In The US

Nestlé launched KitKat Ruby just within four months after Ruby Chocolate was introduced to the public. The new product will first be available in the UK and coming soon in the United States.

Life & Style April 11, 2018

Atlanta Bags Title For World’s Busiest Airport For 20 Consecutive Years

Once again, Atlanta is hailed as the world’s busiest airport for 2017 ahead of China and Dubai. Air cargo has been the strongest business for airports due to e-commerce boom and the surge of online retail.

Life & Style April 10, 2018

#EqualPayDay: Statistics Shows Women’s Minimum Wage Hardly Budged Since The '80s

A recent survey showed that women have to work 20 percent more than men to receive equal amounts of salary. The wage gap in the United States remains the same since the '80s despite efforts for equal pay rights.

Life & Style April 11, 2018

Facebook Revealed That It Is Reading Messages: Here's How People Are Freaking Out

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the company scans messages and checks the links and photos. People took to Twitter to react to the revelation.

Life & Style April 5, 2018

Valpak Is Giving Away $100 Checks To Random Mailboxes With No Strings Attached

Valpak announced it is sending out hundreds of $100 checks and vouchers to its customers in North America and Canada as part of its ongoing promo. Customers who will receive the check can cash it out with no strings attached.

Life & Style March 29, 2018

Craigslist Shuts Down Personals Section After Congress Passes Sex Trafficking Law

Craigslist has shut down its personals section in the United States after Congress passed a law regarding sex trafficking. The penalties could have put Craigslist in danger of shutting down the entire website.

Life & Style March 23, 2018

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