Superheroes have taken the world by storm. This year Marvel and DC announced the massive futures for their respective cinematic universes, and now more than ever before it is crystal clear: it's officially cool to be a comic book geek. What better way to celebrate than buying the comic fan in your life one of these killer gifts? Or you could always just gift them to yourself as well. We won't judge.

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures ($10-15, Amazon)

If you have a favorite character, chances are they've been transformed into a Pop! vinyl figure. Featuring characters from films like Ghostbusters, games like World of Warcraft and nearly every big-name DC and Marvel superhero (or villain), there is always room to add another Pop! figure to your collection. Or twenty.

Rocket Raccoon Plush ($15,

Guardians of the Galaxy made a huge splash at the box-office this summer. Audiences fell in love with the Guardians, in particular Groot and Rocket. It was honestly a little depressing leaving the theater without the two of them. That's where this gift comes in: a 15-inch Rocket Raccoon plush that contains all the cute aspects of the talking raccoon in space, but without any of the negatives (like Rocket's affinity for deadly weaponry). He likely wouldn't approve of being made into such an adorable plushy, but your wallet will definitely approve of the low price.

Batman: The Animated Series Figures ($25, Big Bad Toy Store)

Bruce Timm's Batman: The Animated Series defined the Dark Knight for a generation of comic fans in the '90s. What better way than to relive the glory days of DC Animation than with this new line of figures based off of The Animated Series and its sequel series, The New Batman Adventures? So far only Batman and Catwoman are available, but Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze and Two Face are all on the way next year.

Marvel Avengers Now ARTFX Figures by Kotobukiya ($55-65,

These Japanese figures lend some subtle eastern flair to these western superheroes, but no matter which one you pick you will be getting a sleek, highly detailed figure that is easy on the eyes. Choose from Avengers like Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Thor. Sorry, no Iron Man or Hulk yet.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Milano Spaceship Rescue Set ($75, ThinkGeek)

LEGO definitely knows how to make a spaceship. They've had years of practice building every ship and vehicle in the Star Wars universe brick by brick. Now they are bringing to life the coolest new spaceship on the block with this Milano set, taken straight from Guardians of the Galaxy. It also comes with three exclusive minifigures of Drax, Gamora and Ronan the Accuser. As if you needed more reasons to buy this. One is never too old for LEGOs, especially when it comes to awesome LEGO sets like this one.

Marvel Thor Frog Diorama ($100, Sideshow Collectibles)

Remember that time Marvel made Thor a girl, and some fans were up in arms, kicking and screaming about how it couldn't be so? Let me point you towards exhibit A: Throg, a frog wielding Mjolnir that comes complete with epic red cape. Does a woman being Thor seem ridiculous now? The frog god of thunder has never looked better than in this high quality piece from Sideshow, and is the perfect gift for people who take their comics a little too seriously.

DC Bombshell Statues ($125, DC Entertainment)

The women of the DC universe are as powerful as they come. Depicting them as retro pin-up girls could have backfired, but thankfully artist Ant Lucia knocks it out of the park with each and every one of his drawings, which adorned various DC comics over the past year. The images have now been transformed into some killer statues that manage to be sexy and refined at the same time. Also available in poster form for $15 over at ThinkGeek.

Wonder Woman Statue ($399, Sideshow Collectibles)

There are hardly words to describe this stunning statue. Powerful. Dignified. Dare we say sexy? A must have for Wonder Woman super-fans.

Batman Gotham Cityscape Chess Set ($795, DC Entertainment)

A chess set so expensive even Bruce Wayne himself might not be able to afford it, but it is nonetheless an excellent collector's item. From the individual playing pieces (the Joker is especially nice) to the cityscape adorning the side of the board, this is an impressive, one of a kind set for the Batman fan in your life.

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