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Netflix Buys Comic Book Publisher Millarworld In A Big Push For Superhero Content

Netflix has officially bought Millarworld, signaling several possible adaptations from characters in Mark Millar’s comic book universe. Millar failed to contain his excitement, saying the whole thing is going to be brilliant.

Business Tech August 8, 2017

Stream These Superhero Movies After Watching ‘Logan’ In Theaters

Check out these other Marvel superhero titles to stream after watching Hugh Jackman in ‘Logan.’

Movies/TV Shows March 3, 2017

Star Trek, X-Files, And More Set In Alternate Reality: IDW Publishing To Launch 'Deviations' 2017

IDW Publishing presents another batch of what-if scenarios in popular fictional stories with the return of 'Deviations.’ Agent Samantha Mulder comes back in ‘The X-Files.’

Comic Books February 26, 2017

Disney Adds Comics To Its Story Central Reading App

Users can now read comics and graphic novels on Disney Story Central.

Apps/Software February 17, 2017

DC Is Celebrating Batman Day 2017 With A Free Issue Of 'Batman' #1

You can snag a free issue of Batman at participating retailers on Sept. 17.

Comic Books September 1, 2016

Google Play Books Launches A New Way To Easily Read Marvel And DC Comics On Mobile

Google Play rolls out a new feature called Bubble Zoom that uses machine learning to make reading digital Marvel and DC Comics easier.

Apps/Software July 21, 2016

KISS Is Returning To Comics, And They Brought Giant Robots

Legendary rock band KISS is getting a new comic book, and it's going to be a sci-fi epic unlike anything fans have ever seen.

Comic Books July 18, 2016

Review: In 'Green Arrow' #1, Oliver Queen Faces A New Threat That Feels Too Familiar

In 'Green Arrow' #1, Oliver begins to realize that his help to Seattle isn't enough, especially once he begins learning about the dark underbelly of those he believes he can trust.

Comic Books June 15, 2016

'Dishonored' Gets Comic Book And Novel Series

Before the release of 'Dishonored 2' in September, the video game franchise will soon get its own comic book miniseries. There will also be a trilogy of novels based on events in the games.

Video Games May 26, 2016

‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ To Get Its Own Comic Book In August

Captain Jack Sparrow is set to come back next year in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.' Before that, he’ll be returning in August in a comic book based on the movie franchise.

Comic Books May 19, 2016

The Best Apps For Comic Book Collectors

Here are the best apps to download for those who enjoy all things comics.

Apps/Software March 26, 2016

Prequel Comics To Be Released For 'Star Wars' Prequel 'Rogue One'

Marvel announces at a pre-C2E2 event that a prequel comics to the prequel 'Star Wars' film 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' is in the works and will be released in October.

Geek March 19, 2016

Comic Book Movies And TV Series To Stream After Watching 'Deadpool'

Here are the comic book movies and series streaming on Netflix that star lesser-known antiheroes like Deadpool.

Internet Culture February 12, 2016

'Batman' #50 Receives Eight Extra Pages To Wrap Up The Current Story

Will the current Batman remain, or will an old Batman replace him?

Geek February 11, 2016

Review: 'The Legend Of Wonder Woman' Brings Diana's Childhood To Life

DC Comics' 'The Legend of Wonder Woman' brings insight into the childhood of Diana as she grows up on the peaceful Themyscira, suddenly sure that the island is no longer safe from danger.

Movies/TV Shows January 13, 2016

Comics Historian Rand Hoppe Makes His Case For A Jack Kirby Museum On NYC's Lower East Side

The Jack Kirby Museum is currently situated online and consists of an extensive digital archive of original works drawn from private collectors and the Kirby family.

Arts & Culture January 5, 2016

Far-Out Gifts For Fanatical Fans From NYC's Forbidden Planet

Valentine Chhann, Toy buyer for Forbidden Planet NYC, offers five sure-fire gift picks for pop-culture vultures.

Arts & Culture December 17, 2015

How An Artist's Mistake (And A Negligent Superboy) Turned Lex Luthor Bald

Laboratory on fire? Call 911. Not Superboy.

Movies/TV Shows December 11, 2015

That One Time Lobo Killed Santa Claus

Lobo + Christmas = CARNAGE

Movies/TV Shows December 9, 2015

What To Buy On New Comic Book Day 12/9: 'Scarlet Witch,' Insect Ladies And More

If you've got $20 to spend, there's a whole mess of comics out there for you.

Geek December 9, 2015

How An Ill-Fated Cruise Led To The First Batman And Superman Team-Up

Before they became the World's Finest, Batman and Superman first met each other as roommates on a swanky cruise.

Movies/TV Shows December 4, 2015

The Best Comics Of 2015 As Chosen By The Artists

We asked a selection of artists, writers, journalists and comedians to chose their top five comics of the year.

Comic Books December 3, 2015

How Marvel's Hell's Kitchen Compares To The Real World

Dark, dingy, danger-filled streets? Not around here, good sir...

Movies/TV Shows November 20, 2015

Alan Moore's Star Wars Episode V: 'Blind Fury!'

The fifth and final excursion into the Star Wars universe as imagined by Alan Moore...

Movies/TV Shows November 19, 2015

Alan Moore's Star Wars Episode IV: 'Rust Never Sleeps'

More Alan Moore! More Star Wars! And to top it all off, a deluge of droids!

Movies/TV Shows November 17, 2015

British Comic Awards Winners For 2015 Announced

The best stories published in the last 12 months are recognized by the British Comic Awards. The winners’ works represented different forms but were all prime examples of exquisite storytelling.

Geek November 16, 2015

Alan Moore's Star Wars Episode III: 'Dark Lord's Conscience'

Darth Vader, as explored by Alan Moore? Bring it on!

Movies/TV Shows November 13, 2015

Alan Moore's Star Wars Episode II: 'Tilotny Throws A Shape'

More Alan Moore writing Star Wars! And this is where things get REALLY weird...

Movies/TV Shows November 12, 2015

Alan Moore's Star Wars Episode I: The Pandora Effect

Wait, what? Alan Moore wrote a series of Star Wars stories? You'd better believe it...

Movies/TV Shows November 11, 2015

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins Cast Of 'The Walking Dead' As Villain Negan

'The Good Wife' actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play Negan, the villain and leader of the Saviors from the comic book series, in AMC's 'The Walking Dead.'

Movies/TV Shows November 10, 2015

Revisiting Each Of The Uncanny X-Men's Centennial Issues

Uncanny X-Men #600 is now in stores! Here's a look back at the milestone issues preceeding it...

Feature November 9, 2015

The 'Supergirl' Promo For Episode 3 Reveals Kara Will Face Comic Villain Reactron

Next week's promo for episode 3 of CBS's 'Supergirl' shows Kara coming face-to-face with Reactron, a popular Superman villain in the comics.

Movies/TV Shows November 3, 2015

Action Burger Serves Up Gut-Bomb Cuisine With Vintage Games And Sci-Fi Sides

A sci-fi-themed restaurant in Williamsburg is combining geek culture with gut-bomb cuisine.

Movies/TV Shows October 27, 2015

The Unlikely Origins Of Freddy Krueger's Sweater

The serial killer's trademark garment found influence from some unlikely sources...

Movies/TV Shows October 27, 2015

Marvel Adds New Iron Man, Punisher and X-Men Comics

Five major new titles have just been announced from Marvel Comics at MCM Comic Con in London. Among them, Iron Man gets a second monthly, the Punisher returns, and you'll meet 'the worst X-Man ever.'

Movies/TV Shows October 23, 2015

'Batman & Robin Eternal' #3 Review: Is Batman A User?

Batman's treatment of Robin looms large over this week's issue of 'Batman & Robin Eternal.' What if Bruce cares more about the mission than he does his sidekicks?

Movies/TV Shows October 21, 2015

'Back To The Future' Comic #1 Review: When Marty Met Doc

The new 'Back to the Future' comic aims to fill in missing parts of Doc and Marty's lives, from before and during the movies. Here's our take on the first issue.

Movies/TV Shows October 21, 2015

Marvel Pairs Up Two Unlikely Avengers In January

With 'Secret Wars' wrapped up by January, what's Marvel planning next? The first 2016 solicits are in, and they show an unexpected couple locking lips to kick off the New Year.

Movies/TV Shows October 20, 2015

DC Comics January 2016 Solicitations: 5 New Titles, A Superman Crossover, And The End Of 'Injustice'

It's looking like a busy January for DC Comics. The publisher has five new titles being launched, the second act in its huge Superman crossover, and the final year of 'Injustice.'

Movies/TV Shows October 20, 2015

'Constantine: The Hellblazer' #5 Review: John Faces Off Against The Ghost Eater

'Constantine: The Hellblazer' #5 wraps up the first story arc for the new ongoing series featuring everyone's favorite magician. So, how does the story that finally unveils the ghost-eating monster work out?

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2015

'Batman & Robin Eternal' #2 Review: Oodles of Orphans

Who is the Orphan? This masked villain has it in for Batman's sidekicks, but fortunately Dick Grayson and friends know a thing or two about defending themselves.

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2015

Audible Brings Popular Horror Comic 'Locke & Key' To Life In VR Experience At New York Comic Con 2015

Audible presented 'Bode's Echo,' a virtual reality experience based on the comic series 'Locke & Key' by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, at New York Comic Con 2015.

Geek October 12, 2015

New 'Star Wars' Comic From Marvel Will Fill In Missing Years Between Episodes I And II

A new comic will examine the complicated mentor/apprentice/friend/brother relationship between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Marvel's title will pick up three years after 'The Phantom Menace.'

Movies/TV Shows October 10, 2015

Marvel's Spider-Woman, Silk And Spider-Gwen Are Teaming Up For 'Spider-Women'

Marvel Comics is teaming up its female spider-heroes for a special event series. Coming in 2016: 'Spider-Women,' starring Spider-Woman, Silk and Spider-Gwen.

Movies/TV Shows October 10, 2015

DC Comics' Batman Artist Is Taking A Break To Work With Mark Millar

Don't panic, Batman fans! Yes, Greg Capullo is taking a break from 'Batman' comics next year, but it's just a short one. And he has a really good reason for it.

Movies/TV Shows October 10, 2015

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