There is arguably nothing more annoying than getting stains on a new shirt. Given the hectic lifestyle that many people lead, pouring a cup of coffee or a mug of chocolate on a shirt by accident could ruin one's day. While the obvious solution to the problem would be to simply change the shirt and head over to the cleaners, a recent Kickstarter project aims to provide a solution before the problem even starts.

As the popular saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, which is exactly what Silic is trying to accomplish here. Silic is a new type of shirt made from materials treated to repel liquids. Regardless of whether your knocked over a glass of soda or a cup of coffee, this extraordinary shirt seemingly brushes it all off without any problems.

Silic was created by a San Franisco-based student called Aamir Patel. Patel has also previously worked on a similar project; a shirt that people could write on using light.

Silic T-shirts are made using a type of silica with hydrophobic or water-repelling properties. Its designers describe Silic shirts as "Self Cleaning Clothing With Hydrophobic Nanotechnology."

"Throughout the day, our clothes are exposed to numerous things that can damage them," says Silic's Kickstarter page. "The biggest risk factors are the things we eat and drink. Ever spilled wine or dropped food on your clothes and had to change your entire outfit? Silic is determined to help you stay clean."

The Silic Kickstarter funding drive is doing quite well, having raised a total of $74,572 as of this writing, well over the project's initial target of $20,000. With 37 days left to go, more funds are expected to pour in.

According to the Silic Kickstarter page, interested parties can become proud owners of their very own Silic shirts for just $40. Given the success of the Kickstarter funding drive, expect to see these stain resistant, liquid repelling shirts hit the shelves soon. Hopefully, liquid repelling jeans and dresses will soon follow suit.

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