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California Unveils Proposal To Prevent Weakening Of Air Pollution Policies

The California Air Resources Board has unveiled a new air pollution proposal in response to the Trump administration's automotive pollution rollback. The CARB proposal seeks to further strengthen California air pollution regulations to counter possible changes in EPA policy.

Earth/Environment August 10, 2018

Scientists Find Possible Link Between US Tornadoes And Melting Sea Ice In The Arctic

Researchers from the University of Illinois have found a potential link between tornadoes in the United States and sea ice in the Arctic. The study seeks to explain decreased tornado activity using climate and weather data gathered over a 30-year period.

Earth/Environment August 9, 2018

Tiny, Self-Powered, Cell-Sized Robots Can Sense Environment And Store Data

MIT researchers have created tiny robots using electronics grafted onto microscopic colloidal particles. These microscopic robots can gather, store, and process data about their environment.

Robotics July 31, 2018

Hello, Spring Equinox. Hello, warmer weather and cool Google Doodle

Spring has officially arrived with the arrival of the Vernal Equinox. After a particularly harsh winter, many people living in the Northern Hemisphere are looking forward to warmer weather.

Earth/Environment March 20, 2014

'Chicken from Hell' dinosaur: Ten-foot bird-like, clawed creature that you can't BBQ

Scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur unofficially called the “chicken from hell.” The new dinosaur is a large, feathered dinosaur that looks remarkably like a monster chicken.

Animals March 20, 2014

Ancient stick insect in camouflage for 126 million years: Fossil discovered in China

The stick insect might be one of the best creatures in terms of mimicry. Scientists have unearthed a specimen fossil that proves the existence of this excellent trait millions of years ago while dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Animals March 20, 2014

Windows XP doomsday approaching: Do we really need to worry?

Microsoft will finally pull the plug on Windows XP support. Support for the 12-year-old operating system will end this coming April 18.

Computers March 20, 2014

Titanfall release for Xbox 360 delayed: April 11 for Europe, April 8 for U.S.

The Xbox 360 release date for the game Titanfall has been pushed back once again. EA says the game will be rolled out for the Xbox 360 early next month.

Video Games March 20, 2014

Supernova 3D model gives scientists a peek into events before and after a star explodes

With a newly created 3D model of a dying star’s last moments, scientists have begun to understand how a supernova occurs. The models shows the chaotic and messy details of a star’s death throes.

Space March 19, 2014

Burmese pythons in Evergaldes have excellent built-in homing systems: Research

Researchers have discovered that Burmese pythons have a remarkable ability to find their way home even after being moved 20 miles away. The scale of this newfound ability has never before been seen in other snake species.

Earth/Environment March 19, 2014

3000 year old horn from a giant cattle breed discovered in Wales

A Welsh beach goer has found a 3,000 year old horn from an extinct type of giant cattle. The horn was found in Dinas Dinlle beach in Gwynedd, Wales.

Animals March 19, 2014

Dust over Africa, West Asia triggers and intensifies Indian monsoon

A new study has shown that the strong monsoons affecting India may be linked to swirling dust in the deserts of West Asia and North Africa. Airborne dust particles are warming up the air west of India boosting the strength of monsoons.

Earth/Environment March 19, 2014

Global warming to global famine: Scientists warn of lower crop yields due to climate change

Global warming may lead to a reduction in crop yields by the year 2030. A new study has indicated that a mere 2°C rise in temperature may cause adverse effects on agriculture.

Animals March 18, 2014

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey delves into the intricacies of evolution and intelligent design

The latest episode of the show Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey finally dove into the finer details of evolution. Neil deGrasse Tyson also offers his insights on intelligent creation.

Space March 18, 2014

Scientists produce bionic plants using nanotubes to boost photosynthesis

Scientists from MIT have successfully created a "bionic plant" using nanotubes. This new type of plant has been turbocharged for an increased capacity for photosynthesis.

Animals March 18, 2014

Checking for spoiled milk gets hassle-free with new smart tags

Chinese scientists have unveiled a new "smart tag" that can tell whether milk has gone bad. The new technology was unveiled at the recent ACS National Meeting.

Animals March 18, 2014

Android bites a big chunk off iPad marketshare as tablet craze hits Australia

Android tablets are doing very well in Australia with sales figures continuing to rise. The tablet market in the country is expected to surpass the PC market by 2015.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 18, 2014

NASA-funded doomsday study warns of 'irreversible collapse'

A new NASA-funded study has highlighted the possibility of a worrisome doomsday scenario. The study may foreshadow the coming of a potential "irreversible collapse" of modern society.

Animals March 18, 2014

'Little Foot' might be human's 3mn year old ancestor: Scientists

Scientists have announced the probable age of the Australopithecus fossil named Little Foot. The latest dating procedure was conducted 13 years after the excavation process began.

Animals March 18, 2014

Oops we got it wrong: Stable Greenland ice sheets are melting faster than scientists thought

Scientists have released a new study showing that Greenland's ice sheets are now melting faster than previous data suggested. The new findings indicate that the ice sheets are not as stable as previously thought.

Earth/Environment March 17, 2014

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