Blizzard unveiled big things coming to Overwatch at BlizzCon 2017, including a new support hero, a new map, and new skins.

Blizzard is hard at work in setting up the Overwatch League, but that thankfully does not mean that the multiplayer shooter is receiving any less attention.

Meet Moira, The New Healer Hero Of 'Overwatch'

Moira, a new healer hero who has ties to Talon, was announced by game director Jeff Kaplan, who described her as "O.P. a.f." There is no word yet on when she will be added to the Overwatch roster though.

The introduction video of Moira showed that she certainly has potential, teleporting around the map while damaging enemies and healing allies.

Her dedicated page on the official Overwatch website revealed more details on what she can do. With her Biotic Grasp ability, her main weapon, she can heal allies with her left hand and damage enemies with her right hand, with the added bonus of healing herself and replenishing her biotic energy.

Moira also has a Biotic Orb skill that launches a sphere that can either heal allies who pass through or inflict a decaying effect on enemies that deals damage. The support hero also has a Fade skill that allows her to teleport over short distances.

Moira's ultimate is called Coalescence, and it fires a long-range beam that both heals allies and damages enemies, even behind barriers.

Blizzard World Map, New Skins Coming Soon

In addition to the announcement of Moira, Kaplan also unveiled the Blizzard World map, which is a celebration of all the games and franchises owned by Blizzard.

In the announcement video of Blizzard World, areas dedicated to the StarCraft, WarCraft, and Diablo franchises can be seen, among many others. As a map, Blizzard World will be a hybrid stage that will require the attacking team to capture a point and then move a payload to the end of the stage. The map will be released in early 2018.

The pending arrival of Blizzard World will also introduce eight new skins to Overwatch, some of which are inspired by other Blizzard franchises. For example, Zarya will receive a Barbarian skin based on the Diablo class and Widowmaker will receive a skin based on the StarCraft II Ghost character Nova. Mei and Reinhardt will also be receiving new skins, with Mei's inspired by her look from the Ecopoint short and Reinhardt's taken from the newly released Honor and Glory short.

The skins will not be available for a limited time only, but will rather be a part of the standard loot boxes of Overwatch.

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