Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 is drawing near, and gamers looking forward to the new skins that the annual event will bring are in for a treat.

Three skins that will be released for this year's Overwatch Halloween event have been leaked, and they are for Zenyatta, Symmetra, and Mei.

Overwatch Halloween Skins Leaked

Overwatch events are always exciting for the multiplayer shooter's players, as they offer new content in the form of game modes and unlockable items. New skins always attract a lot of attention, and that is a trend that will continue with this year's Halloween event.

Last week, Blizzard teased the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 event through a short video clip that featured Reaper and McCree in new skins. Reaper appears like a Dracula-esque vampire with his long coat, while McCree looks like a hunter — perhaps a vampire hunter?

As players dreamed of certain skins to go along with their favorite heroes, Redditor Mnemosynaut spotted Facebook advertisements that inadvertently leaked more skins in the upcoming event.

The skins, which Mnemosynaut uploaded to the official Overwatch subreddit, are a Cthulhu Zenyatta, a dragon-like Symmetra, and a vampire Mei.

The Cthulhu Zenyatta, decked out in deep violet with green shades and tentacles, is arguably the most striking of the three due to the popularity of Lovecraftian horror, while Mei as a jumping vampire known as the Jiangshi again looks adorable.

Symmetra in her new dragon-like skin likewise looks very cool, though there has been a debate on what exactly the skin is based on. With scales and shades of yellow, red, and purple, Symmetra looks like a dragon, though she can also be an Ifrit, which ties in with her Middle Eastern background. Some gamers, wishfully thinking that her skin is the first crossover content for Blizzard's properties on Overwatch, claim that she also looks like a Zerg from the StarCraft universe.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Arrives Oct. 10

The teaser video released by Blizzard for the event revealed that Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 will launch on Oct. 10, which is just around the corner.

Many gamers are hoping that, like the Summer Games 2017 event that brought back last year's Lucioball, this year's Halloween event will bring back the popular Junkenstein's Revenge mode that had four players defend against hordes of enemies.

It is unclear if these are all the legendary skins that can be collected from the event, and if Junkenstein's Revenge will really be revived. Players will know for sure once Blizzard unleashes Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017.

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