Tesla recently launched three new products, though the third one was overshadowed by the Tesla Semi, an electric truck, and the new Tesla Roadster, the fastest production car ever made.

The third new Tesla product is on a much smaller scale than the electric vehicles, and can be found in bags and pockets instead of on streets and highways.

Meet The Tesla Powerbank

The Tesla Powerbank is appropriately named, as that is what it is — a powerbank, which is the popular term for the portable battery packs that are used to charge mobile devices while on the go. It is a tad expensive though, at $45 each.

Tesla's version of the powerbank, however, stands out among all the other options in the market because of its eye-catching design. It is modeled after the Tesla supercharger monument that stands outside the company's head office in California.

The Tesla Powerbank did not get that $45 price tag just because of its looks though. It features built-in USB, micro USB and Lightning cables, for the convenience of not needing additional cables.

The most interesting thing about the Tesla Powerbank, however, is that it technically uses the same technology found in the company's Model S and Model X. The battery pack, which has a capacity of 3,350 mAh, is powered by the same 18650 cell that is found in the electric vehicles, though of course the Model S and Model X use more than just one cell.

Is The Tesla Powerbank Worth $45?

Unlike the Tesla Semi and the new Tesla Roadster, which are said to be coming in 2019 and 2020, respectively, the Tesla Powerbank is now available through the company's online store.

Availability is not a usual thing for Tesla products, with recent reports claiming that the Model 3 delay is getting worse. However, the fact that the Tesla Powerbank is available now is likely not enough to attract most customers to pay $45 for it.

The built-in cable is a nice design touch, and could allow users to save on buying different cables if they own both iOS and Android devices. However, customers will be able to purchase powerbanks with the same specifications for about $10, and likely even less with Black Friday coming soon.

The Tesla Powerbank is uniquely designed and is a great gift idea for hardcore Tesla fans. However, at $45, it might be a tough sell for most customers who simply want to keep their smartphones from running out of juice while outside.

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