Stephen Colbert Books President Obama For 'Victory Lap' Episode


Stephen Colbert is taking The Colbert Report out with a bang.

As you may recall, in mid-2015, Colbert will be taking over for a retiring David Letterman on CBS' The Late Show. So he's leaving behind Colbert Report after his final episode on December 18, 2014.

As part of his farewell tour (of sorts), Colbert has finally landed the one guest he's always wanted but was never able to get: President Barack Obama. Colbert will film a special episode on December 8 at George Washington University in Washington DC, where he'll welcome the President for the first time ever.

Colbert announced the big news as only he can.

As stated in the clip, the December 8 special episode is hilariously titled:

"Stephen Colbert Presents:
Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington DC Ya Later, Legislator:
Partisan Is Such Sweet Sorrow:
A Colbert Victory Lap '014"

The President agreeing to appear on any television interview is always a big deal, but this one is particularly amusing because Obama's former press secretary Robert Gibbs once famously told Time that the President had no interest in ever going on The Colbert Report. It was said in an "all in good fun" kind of way, but still.

Obama will join the ranks of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Biden and his own wife Michelle Obama as guests of the famous satirist.

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