Street Fighter V, Capcom's next installment in the "Street Fighter" franchise, is expected to make its debut at Sony's PlayStation Experience.

It seems an employee from Capcom, which is the publisher of the game, has mistakenly posted a trailer to the company's official YouTube account. The video was quickly taken down, however a number of screenshots were taken.

The video itself does not reveal too much about the game, however it does show some gameplay. It also reveals the game may be exclusive to the Sony PlayStation 4 and PCs, which is sure to upset many Xbox One gamers.

While fighting games such as Street Fighter aren't as popular as they once were, they have been around since the beginning of gaming, meaning there are many very dedicated fans.

Street Fighter V is not the first game to be exclusive to certain consoles. Killer Instinct is one game recently released exclusive to the Microsoft Xbox One. There was a time when the PlayStation game 'to have' was Tekken, however the Tekken franchise has expanded to other consoles.

It is likely Sony made a rather expensive deal with Capcom to ensure Street Fighter V was only released to the PlayStation 4 and PC gamers. In fact, it seems as though the deal was, "don't release the game to Xbox," rather than "just release it on PlayStation." It's a deal that's similar to the one made between Microsoft and EA/Respawn to ensure that Titanfall, or at least the first Titanfall, was not released to the PlayStation.

It is unknown how well Street Fighter V will sell, and hence how important the deal between Sony and Capcom will be. Street Fighter IV managed to sell around 8 million copies across the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. If the fifth iteration of the game manages to do as well, the deal could prove to be a big win for Sony.

It's also interesting to note the leaked trailer says the game will be released exclusively to "PlayStation 4 and PC," not "PlayStation and PC." While the Street Fighter franchise has never been too power-hungry in terms of console performance, it seems as though there will be no PS3 version.

In effect, there is no way Street Fighter V will sell anywhere near the 8 million copies that its predecessor sold. There have been over 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold and it would be unheard of for 80 percent of console owners to own the same game.

It will be interesting to see if the game remains exclusive to PlayStation, or if it's simply a timed exclusivity, meaning it will eventually be released to Xbox One and last-generation consoles.

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