Users Report Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Focus Problems


Samsung Galaxy S8 users have complained about camera-related problems with their handsets, specific to the issue is the camera focus. Users report that the Galaxy S8 camera continuously goes out of focus and captures photos that aren't clear.

Users say that using third party apps does not resolve the issue. Both native apps for the camera as well as apps such as Snapchat are capturing blurred images.

What Exactly Is Going On With The S8 Camera?

The issue with Samsung S8 camera is not new. The frequency of reports of such blurred images, however, is on a high now, and users on the Samsung's Korean community website have shared their images to bring this issue to notice.

Not just autofocus. Even when trying to manually focus on the subject, the camera is returning blurred images. No matter what settings the users try to use, the images show the same results.

It is not clear whether this is due to hardware or software incompatibilities with the handset. Until then, the consumer needs to rely on the Samsung customer service.

Samsung Reply

The company has released a statement regarding the issue. If the trouble with the camera still doesn't go away, the owners of Samsung S8 can send their devices for repair. However, the conditions of standard warranty will apply, which is valid for 1 year after the purchase of all devices.

The moderator has provided several steps to troubleshoot the camera. One of the steps suggested is to check whether all apps are up to date. According to the provided solution, there are several issues that can impede the proper functioning of Samsung S8 camera.

Affected users can contact Samsung directly through these phone numbers: 1-800-SAMSUNG/1-800-726-7864.

Samsung S8 Features

Samsung released the S8 with a strong camera performance and said it's made for selfies.

Capturing images at night was another unique selling point for Samsung Galaxy S8. The rear camera features 12-megapixel Dual Pixel Sensor and F1.7 aperture lens, which is large enough to capture surrounding light at night and produce high-quality images. These features enable the smartphone to capture moving subjects with ease.

However, with all these features users are not able to capture beautiful images. Instead, they are now facing severe camera malfunction. As of now, Samsung has assured to clear all problems for users of the S8 smartphone.

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