The rumor mill has again picked up the topic of the elusive identity of Bitcoin creator. It seems that the social media will make sure that this controversy never dies down.

A former SpaceX intern has blogged that this elusive Bitcoin creator is none other but Tesla founder Elon Musk.

Rumor Mill Starts To Roll On Bitcoin Inventor's Identity

Ever since the digital currency bitcoin came into existence, people have speculated about its inventor's true identity. Satoshi Nakamoto, who is conceived as the creator of Bitcoin, is still an unknown figure.

In his blog post, Sahil Gupta has enumerated several examples to prove his argument. He has pointed out that Elon is very strong in C++. Many of his successful projects are based on this programming language. Therefore, it is no surprise that bitcoins which uses C++ could also be one of his own creations.

Bitcoins were created in 2009, during the time of recession. The blogger points out that recession might have prompted Elon to create a currency which will remain free from Banker's clutches. A truly decentralized digital currency.

Given the above reasoning, the blogger speculates on the possibility of Elon being the real figure behind the imaginary Satoshi Nakamoto.

Elon Musk Denies

Elon Musk has outrightly denied what Sunil Gupta is proposing in his blog post. Elon in his tweet also added that he has lost the bitcoins that his friend gave him a few years back.

In one of his earlier interviews regarding bitcoin, Elon does not hold good views about it. Elon mentions that cryptocurrency could become a means for an illegal transaction. He went on to say that it is not bad in its entirety but there has to be a bridge from legal to illegal.

On Elon's Twitter account people have poured in with a lot of interesting queries. To some of which Elon has gladly replied. One person even started a poll asking if Elon Musk is an alien. The Tesla founder replied that he is "definitely a Martian".

People have also pointed out on Twitter to allow the use of bitcoins to purchase Tesla cars. They claim it is good for transactions and good for PR as well. It also involves 0 risks according to the user on Twitter.

Many followers of Elon Musk have shown their interest in bitcoin use. They have claimed that it is the currency of future, so then why not start using it too?

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