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Elon Musk Denies He Is Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto

Elon Musk as the creator of bitcoins steers up again. A former SpaceX intern blogged about the possibility that Elon might be the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

Business Tech December 2, 2017

Australian Businessman Craig Wright Calls Off Promise To Transfer Bitcoin

Members of the bitcoin community accused Wright of hoaxing.

Business Tech May 5, 2016

Craig Wright Is Satoshi Nakamoto: Australian Entrepreneur Publicly Identifies Himself As Bitcoin Creator

Bitcoin may be foreign territory to many but it’s actually already accepted in numerous establishments. Now, the cryptocurrency’s founder has a face in Craig Wright.

Business Tech May 2, 2016

Australian Police Raid Home Of Reported Bitcoin Creator

Australian Federal Police raided the home and office of a tech businessman for a tax investigation hours after publications suggested he could be the bitcoin founder known by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Legal December 9, 2015

Australian Police Raid Home Of Purported Bitcoin Creator

The Australian Federal Police raided the Sydney home of Craig Steven Wright, the person who is believed to be the creator of bitcoin. Based on Wired and Gizmodo's findings, Satoshi Nakamoto's real identity is Wright.

Business December 9, 2015

History of Bitcoin: Tenacious Cryptocurrency Navigates Big Hurdles to Reach Respectability

Bitcoin has persevered through a slew of bubbles, thefts and exploits. Though the road has been anything but easy, the cryptocurrency's track record of resiliency is starting to attract the heavyweights.

Business Tech December 22, 2014

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