Google Home Mini owners are reporting that their devices are crashing and rebooting whenever they're playing music at high or full volume.

Based on the complaints, the issue doesn't seem to be on the original Google Home, but it's unclear exactly how widespread it is.

Google Home Mini Issues

As expected, users have taken things to the Google Product Forums, Reddit, and Twitter to voice out their problems and spread the word.

"My Google home mini crashes after a couple seconds of music playback at the highest volume. Is there a fix for this??" Redditor Felixthecat1284 says.

Other users chimed in, saying that they've run into the issue as well. One noted that it only happens to them when playing certain songs.

"Not sure that this is the EXACT problem but it is the symptoms. If I'm playing a song on Play music, then it will reboot after a few seconds. After reboot, if I say "Set volume to 6" it will play the song ok. Happens with multiple songs and extremely often," user Oedlan posted on the Google Product Forums.

Just like the case on Reddit, others soon replied on the thread to say that they've experienced their Home Mini has also crashed and rebooted.

Google Home Mini Fix Is Underway

Luckily, a Google representative has already acknowledged the issue, saying that a fix is on the way and urging other Home Mini owners who're experiencing the same problem to send in a report so that the developers can zero in on the root of it all more quickly.

"Thank you all for reporting this issue and filing feedback. We're aware of this issue and working on a fix. If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please let us know," they say, also providing instructions on how to submit a report.

Has your Home Mini device crashed and rebooted after playing a song on max or high volume? If so, feel free to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know. And don't forget to let Google know too.

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