The Samsung Galaxy S9 Might Be Available In Purple: Rumor


Rumors about Samsung's next flagship, the successor to the critically acclaimed Galaxy S8, are well under way. Overwhelming speculation seems to suggest that the phone will have even thinner bezels than its predecessor, which comes to mind promising design choices from Samsung, the company exactly responsible for pushing the bezel-less to the mainstream.

What the Galaxy S9 ends up looking like remains a mystery, but as for its colors, it seems Samsung is finally ready to push out a particular colorway that made the rounds at the time of the Galaxy S8 but never was released: purple.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Colors

At the height of Galaxy S8 rumors, a purple version of the handset was continuously passed around, but by the time the phone was released, no such version emerged. Yet according to Sammobile, Samsung might finally bring the purple color option for the Galaxy S9 in 2018, plus black, gold, and blue colorways.

The official names of these color variants remain a mystery, but Sammobile speculates that it could be something along the lines of the Deep Blue Galaxy Note 8, which means it might sport a much deeper version of purple instead of a flashy, more flamboyant hue. The gold, black, and blue variants are likely to have similar paint jobs seen on the Galaxy Note 8.

Suppose Samsung does release a purple Galaxy S9 colorway, there's no assurance that it will reach U.S. customers, as what's traditionally the case for Samsung phones. Also, the front bezels will almost certainly be black to maximize the bezel-less visual oomph.

Then again, none of the above should be taken as fact until Samsung itself, or at least trusted tipster Evan Blass, shares substantial details about the forthcoming phone. After all, the violet Galaxy S8 never saw the light of day despite being widely circulated. It seems Samsung fans will just have to wait and see.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors

The Galaxy S9 is tipped for a January 2018 unveiling, reportedly alongside the LG G7, to take on Apple's iPhone X. It will be unveiled during CES 2018, which Blass himself has suggested. Even still, the phone will reportedly have a proper launch months later in March.

Rumors suggest the Galaxy S9 will be an "iterative upgrade" over the Galaxy S8, with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip the most significant improvement. There will be two models: a regular Galaxy S9 and a Galaxy S9 Plus. The phones might not have an in-display fingerprint sensor and Face ID-like capabilities, however.

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