Sequel To Vine Teased Again: What Is 'V2'?


The co-creator of now-defunct Vine has yet again teased what appears to be a sequel to the much-beloved app that got suddenly and inexplicably shuttered down in October last year.

Dom Hofmann, Vine's cofounder, announced recently that he's working on a new app, apparently a follow-up to Vine. It wasn't clear whether it would be a direct sequel or a completely different app from the same creator. Now, slightly more details have emerged.

Vine Creator Teases 'V2'

Hofmann tweeted an image mirroring the style of Vine's logo, captioned only with the letter-number combo "v2." This is by far the most direct suggestion that whatever app Hofmann is cooking up, it's going to be, in huge or small part, related to Vine.

It's also unclear whether fellow cofounders Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov are involved, but they seem to be busy with another app called HQTrivia, as noted by Gizmodo. Hofmann appears to be the lone person out of Vine's original creators that is heavily involved in Vine's sequel.

Unfortunately, beyond Hofmann's announcement and the just-teased image, no other concrete details about the said app exist yet. What it's called, what it does, or if it's like Vine in any way are things yet to be determined. It's also unclear how Hofmann plans to insulate the notional app from the same fate Vine suffered.

The Shutdown Of Vine

Twitter shut down Vine in October 2016, just years after acquiring the service ahead of its launch in 2013. Vine was responsible for spawning the short-form video craze that is still frequently used by Snapchat and Instagram users. Shortly after it boomed, Vine creators got around the app's six-second limit, often in creative or comedic ways. In fact, it was this limit that essentially nudged them to think of how to be funny or impactful in such a short amount of time.

For now, the only thing Hofmann has confirmed about the sequel to Vine is that it's an "outside project" and is being funded by himself. Crucial details, such as its format or how it'll differ from Vine, remain nebulous, but this could go two ways: Either Hofmann creates a reputable Vine sequel that many will love as much as the original, or he creates an abomination that tarnishes the purity of the first. You know, like sequels often do.

What do you think of V2? Any thoughts on what it is? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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