One Texas man learned the hard way that prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun can have negative effects. He not only got a severe sunburn but also swelling and a dent on his forehead.

Doctors and scientists have long been warning people that sun exposure can have detrimental effects, yet many people still forget to wear sunscreen protection before spending time in the sun and heat.

Man's Sunburn Creates Dent On His Forehead

For Cade Huckabay from Texas, it became clear that staying in the sun with a shaved head and no protection can leave some serious marks. Huckabay's head got so swollen from the heat and sun exposure that pressing a finger onto his forehead left a real dent, which he showed in a set of photos on Twitter.

Huckabay suffered the serious sunburn six months ago and now finds it hilarious, but he decided to post the photos on Twitter this week for everyone to see. The 21-year-old said he got that sunburn while mowing a field, just a day or two after he had shaved his head.

His Twitter post went viral and has been retweeted 101,000 times since Monday. In the comments, Huckabay added that it took an entire day to even be able to touch his scalp, while the swelling lasted for three or four days. He says that during that time, he could put a dent in his forehead and it would stay like that for half an hour.

The Dangers Of Sunburn

While Huckabay got through his sunburn and swelling and is now making fun of the whole situation, Refinery29 cites the Mayo Clinic and warns that people who experience such severe swelling from sunburn may have to check with a doctor, especially if other symptoms are also present such as red streaks or yellow pus from a blister, or if the tenderness and pain increases in time rather than fading away.

Sunburn typically makes the skin red and more sensitive, but if the sunburn is severe enough, it can also cause swelling and/ or blisters. As plenty of other people commenting on Huckabay's Twitter post have proved, swelling is not that uncommon with a serious sunburn. People posted their own photos and/ or videos of their sunburn swelling and the whole conversation looks like a big warning to wear sunscreen.

Huckabay says he did not see a doctor as he had no other symptoms other than the swelling. He says that ice and Advil "got the job done," and now it just serves as a funny reminder of what not to do.

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