The panel for The Last of Us Part II at the PlayStation Experience 2017 revealed more details about the highly anticipated sequel to the emotionally charged video game that was first released in 2013.

The sequel to The Last of Us was officially announced at PlayStation Experience 2016. One year later, we now know a bit more about the upcoming survival horror title.

PSX 2017: 'The Last Of Us Part II' Panel

The panel for the Last of Us Part II at PlayStation Experience 2017 was kicked off by a performance from Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, the voices of the game's protagonists Ellie and Joel. They performed "Wayfaring Stranger," setting the mood for the panel before the rest of its members took their seats.

Neil Druckmann, the game's director, fielded several questions regarding the sequel. One of the details that he confirmed was that a large part of The Last of Us Part II will take place in Seattle, Washington. Fans have uncovered clues in the game's announcement trailer regarding the location, including landmarks and road signs, and Druckmann has now confirmed that the theories are true. The director, however, did not reveal where else the story will take the events of The Last of Us Part II.

Druckmann also highlighted the even darker overall theme for The Last of Us Part II, which has caused concern among fans of Joel and Ellie. While the director said that there will be light-hearted moments in the game, the story is about the "sense of pursuing justice" and a "messy gray area" that players who finished the original The Last of Us are very much aware of. Druckmann even added that there is no character in The Last of Us Part II that are safe from being killed, even Joel and Ellie themselves.

Co-writer Halley Gross, who also worked on HBO's Westworld, said that working with Druckmann for the story of The Last of Us Part II has been a "daunting experience." Druckmann said that Gross provided several "awesome ideas" for the plot, and teased that after the first day on the project, she went home to her husband and said, "I think I got someone pregnant." What that means, however, is still entirely unclear.

'The Last Of Us Part II' Release Date

Unfortunately for fans, no The Last of Us Part II release date was revealed at PSX 2017.

According to Druckmann, however, the game is about "50 to 60 percent" complete. He also confirmed that The Last of Us Part II will make an appearance in next year's E3, and given the wide 2018 release date of the game, its launch day will probably be announced then.

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