Of course the cast of Saturday Night Live would poke fun at "Peter Pan Live!" (which they did hilariously), but they also couldn't resist making Kim K the butt of her own joke just one more time. And if there was one person who could perfectly spoof Kim Kardashian's #BreaktheInternet photos, it's Nicki Minaj.

During the Weekend Update of last night's SNL, Minaj played the reality star, justifying her high-profile naked photos for Paper magazine. Looking the part, the "Anaconda" singer wore a tight white dress with lots of cleavage and long black hair, attempting to do her best whiny impersonation.

The rapper's face was hilariously Photoshopped onto Kardashian's body, while she explained the real meaning behind the shoot with interesting backgrounds, including a blackboard with math equations on it. "Spoiler alert! X equals full frontal," she said in the most annoying voice possible.

Even though she was just the musical guest, the rapper made several appearances during the show, including a holiday skit called "Jingle Ballerz" that also featured host James Franco. In the hip hop nativity scene Minaj played Beyonce playing Virgin Mary. "He woke up like this," she said about the baby Jesus.

But even though Minaj seemed to steal the spotlight away from Franco, she didn't have a flawless performance while singing the song "Bed of Lies" from her new album. It appeared she forget the lyrics, missing the first line to the song.

But Franco couldn't let Minaj be the only one to joke about risque photos. He had buddy Seth Rogan join him to poke fun at the Song hack by showing intimate photos with the comedian.

"I have this movie called The Interview coming out with Seth Rogen at Sony, and this week Sony Studios got all of their computers hacked," Franco said. "They released some of our private photos from our phones," Rogen added.

Seems like Franco and Minaj made a good team, both lifting spirits while poking fun at pop culture.

Watch the hilarious skits below. 

[Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr]

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