Major brands like Samsung and Apple have already released their latest flagship devices. Experts speculate that the LG G7 might be officially revealed soon.

The Cupertino technology firm released the iPhone X worldwide last month, which boasts the new Face ID technology and almost-bezel-less display up front. On the other hand, the South Korean electronics company launched their Galaxy Note 8, which flaunts smaller bezels, a versatile stylus, but still uses a fingerprint sensor for its security.

Optical-Based Security Approach

According to market analysts, the LG G7 will showcase a brand new Iris scanner technology as its defining feature. After all, the competition is also trying its best to innovate their respective security measures to protect their user's information.

Innovation Attracts Consumers

Speculation regarding LG's new security feature allegedly began after a patent was reportedly filed that details new technology involved presumably intended the LG G7.

Unlike the previous mobile phone models that likewise featured iris-scanning components, the new version indicated in the patent documents appear to be more versatile. Older options require a brighter environment to properly identify the user's biometrics. The upcoming smartphone will reportedly recognize the registered individual even in low ambient light conditions, TechRadar indicated.

Moreover, the LG G7 might have additional measures in place prevent its scanner from being fooled by a photograph. The user could be required to trace a collection of dots on the screen to verify that it is not scanning a static image.

Construction And Design

Just like the flagship models of the other South Korean manufacturer, it is rumored that the LG G7 might have some design similarities with its predecessor. Its physical appearance might still hold a dual-camera unit as its main imaging component.

Metal and glass are most likely the materials of choice to give it a premium appearance and feel, notes Pocket-lint noted. Ingress protection from water and dust should already be a standard as top-shelf models from the competition usually have it on board.

The observable trend among smartphones is the gradual reduction of bezels surrounding their displays. Apple and Xiaomi have already pushed their engineers to come up with edge-to-edge screens on iPhone X and Mi Mix 2. The latter even surpasses the X with the absence of a notch on the topmost portion of its 5.9-inch IPS LCD.

LG will most likely work on its own design that will further reduce the borders around the LG G7's display.

Hardware And Components

Due to the above-mentioned trend among smartphones, users can expect the G7 to feature a bigger screen than its previous model. Smaller bezels allow manufacturers to improve their screen-to-body ratio overall. The new smartphone might switch to an OLED panel over the IPS LCD of the G6.

On the processor side, despite the claims that Samsung will be the first manufacturer to use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845, LG's planned release date could see the G7 become the first handset to equip the new chipset. RAM is expected to be higher than the G6 as well.

USB Type-C and fast charging are most likely included, but battery capacity is currently unknown. On the other hand, its operating system will most likely be Android 8.0 Oreo with LG's UX 7.0 this time around.

Expected Release Date

Traditionally, LG debuts its new flagship models before the annual Mobile World Congress expo opens in Barcelona, Spain. Insiders tipped that the G7 might make an appearance before that at CES 2018. If it follows their yearly cycle, consumers could see the LG G7 launch ahead of Samsung's Galaxy S9, which should around the end of March or early April next year.

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