Jason David Frank, also known as the original green Power Ranger, is ready to thrown down with CM Punk when he officially joins the UFC.

Frank called out Punk on his Facebook page with the below image after Punk announced he was joining UFC.

"I'm sorry guys I have to do this and wake up UFC," the Facebook post reads. "I like CM this is just a professional call out. This is my life and I deserve a shot at this. Haters hate, winners WIN. It's a great fight embrace don't hate."

Frank says he doesn't have any real grudge against Punk, but he hasn't forgotten what Punk once said. In response to a fan question about whether or not Punk could "take" Frank, Punk simply replied "Sure, why not." Frank got his chance to respond in 2013.

"Let's get that going," said Frank. "I love CM Punk, he's a really nice guy. But he did say in his panel that he would fight me and you can't say that in the fighting world if you don't mean that you'd fight me. Let's get a contract going!"

Frank has experience fighting in the ring. The former actor is an MMA Fighter with a 4-0 amateur record and a 1-0 professional record.

While Punk doesn't have professional fighting experience, he is no stranger to headlines. The prolific WWE wrestler left the company on bad terms, recently announced he would be writing a Thor comic for Marvel, and now will be joining the UFC as his "new career." Punk will be fighting in UFC's middleweight 185 pound division.

A fight between a former WWE champ and a Power Ranger would definitely grab headlines, and that means big money for UFC. Will CM Punk answer the call and battle it out with the Green Ranger for his first UFC bout? It remains to be seen. Multiple UFC fighters have taken to Twitter saying they too want a piece of Punk. Ultimately it will be for Punk to decide, but if he wants to make as big a splash as possible, fighting with Frank might just be the answer.

Lead Image: © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

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