T-Mobile is rumored to start phase 4.0 of its "uncarrier" initiative and in an attempt to expand its user base, the carrier is expected to offer to pay the early termination fees (ETF) of up to $350 per customer who switches from other U.S. carriers.

T-Mobile has not yet announced how customers will benefit from phase 4.0 of the uncarrier move but John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, tweeted that it's about time for "uncarrier 4."

Keeping up with the spirit of Christmas, Legere has also posted a video of himself, dressed as Santa, on Vine. The video shows Legere putting a piece of coal in the stocking of each of its three big rivals: AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Then he removes his beard and laughs.

T-Mobile has also sent an invitation for its media event planned on January 8, 2014 at the International CES in Las Vegas. The invite says "This one you aren't going to believe," followed with "4.0" in the background.

The company is the fourth top wireless carrier in the U.S. T-Mobile has already done a lot in the previous phases of the uncarrier initiative such as offering unlimited (and unthrottled) data, international roaming, a non-contract plan and also the ability to upgrade whenever a customer wants. Rumors suggest that now the carrier will offer up to $350 per customer who decides to switch from other carriers. Customers may use the money to pay off the ETF (if any) charged by other carriers.

A TmoNews report claims that an anonymous tipster has offered some hint on T-Mobile's plans for uncarrier 4.0. "...he's teasing a project code named 'houdini' which will give switchers up to $350 in credit when they switch to TMO... Emphasis will be on families switching up to 5 lines regardless of contract end dates... New customers will receive instant credit when they trade in a smartphone, then get a credit for the ETF charged by their old carrier when they submit the final bill to TMO," per the tip received by TmoNews.

Stay tuned.


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