Most apps are designed to help users kill time or spend money. However, frugal individuals can start to save money for 2018 with these apps.

Financial experts believe that the crucial step in order to manage finances is transparency. It is important for the user to be aware of how much money goes in and how much goes out. In other words, keeping track of their personal finances is the deciding factor in savings and losses.

Downloadable Money-Saving Applications

The following apps are some of the most user-friendly and helpful as determined by feedback. While most are available for both Android and iOS smartphones, there might be a few that are exclusively available for a single platform only.


Intuit, the company that developed Quicken and TurboTax, introduces an app that is available for both Android and iOS users. It reportedly creates a personal budget based on financial activity.

Data from the user's checking, savings, retirement, and more are tracked automatically and protected by a password. Best of all, the app can be downloaded for free.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

This app uses a multi-step method to manage its user's finances. According to its product description, the program starts with the previous month's income as a reference. What follows is the real-time monitoring of the subscriber's spending habits.

Users can choose to synchronize their bank accounts in order for the service to determine real-time financial standing. The debt-management feature provides suggestions on how to effectively budget everything and reduce the total debt. The app costs $50 a year after a 34-day free trial and can be downloaded for Android or iOS devices.


One way to save money is to be knowledgeable regarding discounts and limited-time offers. Boasting a user base of over six million, Shopkick showcases the latest deals offered by retailers like Best Buy, Target, Macy's, and more.

Purchased made through the app reportedly earn points, which can be then converted into gift cards at partner stores. iOS and Android users can take advantage of the free app.


An iOS exclusive app that features a coupon system linked to several retailers. However, this app permits its users to take photos of their coupon to turn them into digital copies.

DebtTracker Pro

While most of the abovementioned apps help their users manage their finances, this particular app focuses on outstanding debt. It is marketed to help select payment strategies that work for the current situation.

Reminders can be set to prompt users with their progress and to note when their next payment is due. Currently, it is only available for iOS devices.


Users can pitch in and help by reporting gas prices and its location. Every report made earns points for a chance to win a weekly prize worth $250 for gas. The developer has recorded over 32 million visitors and contributors, which means the prices reported are presumably accurate.

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