Financial watchdogs speculate that the continuous upsurge of demand for the iPhone X will most likely earn around $22 billion for Samsung up until 2018.

Despite the ongoing rivalry between the Cupertino-based tech firm and the South Korean electronics company, the former continues to source some of its components from the latter's manufacturing division.

iPhone X and its edge-to-edge display rely on flexible OLED display units in order to achieve its unique design. Prior to its global release, rumors claimed that the supply constraints from other display manufacturers would delay the smartphone's production up to next year.

Profit Before Pride

Industry insiders previously speculated that Apple initially did not want to source its screens from Samsung. However, supply issues with other manufacturers apparently threatened the iPhone X's launch window.

The fast-approaching deadline and consumer expectations for the holiday shopping season might have placed Apple under a lot of pressure. Needless to say, Samsung ended up supplying the OLED panels for its biggest competitor.

A Win For Both Companies

Meanwhile, surveys show that the iPhone X outsold the Galaxy Note 8 and continues to do so until now. Even if its only Apple that makes a profit courtesy of its flagship handset, the South Korean firm still stands to earn money from its rival.

A source reveals that Samsung is under contract to supply anywhere between 180 and 200 million flexible OLED panels for the iPhone X in 2018.

The Numbers Reveal More

Increased demand for the iPhone X is expected to continue throughout 2018 until Apple announces another follow-up model. The amount of display components ordered by the firm in Cupertino translates to an estimated $19.8 to $22 billion revenue for Samsung.

Sufficient Production Numbers

Earlier this year, when rumors were swirling regarding the mysterious new iPhone with an OLED display, Samsung was supposedly trying to meet its demands with new production lines. However, an 80 percent improvement in its current supply line output removes the need for a new investment.

Overall, it looks like Samsung will come out on top after it fulfills the end of the bargain.

Second Generation Rumors

It does seem to stop there as fresh rumors suggest that the next flagship model after the iPhone X will still use OLED panels. Samsung's production line is prepared to deliver more if needed and it seems like Apple currently has limited options to source its component requirements for the next version in 2018.

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