The Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest gaming consoles on the market and a lot of new gamers have joined the world of Nintendo this holiday season.

While this console features hit titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, there are also tons of fantastic features the console can do all on its own. The Nintendo console has quite a few tricks and in this article, we’ll help all gamers discover exactly what the Switch is capable of.

The Basic Info

The Nintendo Switch is quite the powerhouse device using a Nvidia Tegra custom processor.

The storage on the device is 32GB, but it does feature expandable memory through MicroSD cards up to 2TB. The portable tablet is fitted with a 6.2-inch capacitive touchscreen capable of displaying at 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, but only in console mode. There are three sensors on the console including an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a sensor for brightness.

With all that power, the consoles battery life ranges between 2.5 and six hours. Furthermore, it takes about three full hours for the device to fully charge while in sleep mode. The battery charges through a USB Type-C and is non-replaceable.

Three Ways To Play

The Nintendo Switch console is a hybrid device, which allows gamers to switch their play styles in three different ways. TV Mode allows gamers to play as with any other console, separating the remote from the tablet portion lets gamers relax on a sofa and enjoy their title.

The tablet portion of the console also adds two other play styles — tabletop and handheld. The LCD screen can act just as a monitor and lets gamers detach the joy-con remote and play alone or with a friend. However, with the joy-cons attached, the device acts as a handheld console, similar to that of a PS Vita.

Power Modes

The Nintendo Switch has a few different power modes that users can utilize. The first is its sleep mode, which Nintendo expects gamers to use the majority of the time. Users can get into this mode by tapping the power button on the console itself or by holding the home button on the right Joy-Con controller and selecting the sleep option.

The other mode is an actual power down option. This mode is a bit more tricky to get into than on other consoles. To power down the device, the tablet portion will need to be docked and users must use the Joy-Cons or another controller. Press and hold the power button on the switch until a power options menu appears, then select the option to power down the device.

Hard Reset

If the Nintendo Switch freezes, there is a hard reset maneuver. The technique is quite easy and requires users to hold down the power button for about 12 seconds. Once the Switch powers down, wait about 30 seconds and power the device back on.

Check Battery Life

Nintendo has made it stress-free for gamers to know what the battery life of its console is. To check on the battery status simply hold down the home button while playing a game. After a second or two, a menu will pop up and give users the battery details.

Users can also have the Nintendo Switch display the battery percentage remaining on the console. Hold down ZL and ZR together, or toggle it on permanently in Settings, Systems, Console Battery and choose percent.

No Region Lock

The time of waiting for games to arrive from a different region is over. No more buying region-specific consoles just to play certain titles. With the Nintendo Switch, users can change their region, which will allow them to have access to games not available in their area.

To do so, follow these steps: Settings, System, Region. So far, most games are global and there is no region locked titles. However, if that ever becomes the case, users can simply change their region using the instructions above to gain access.

Dark Mode

Another fairly simple trick is turning on the Dark Mode. In this mode, users will be able to change the theme to a darker mode, which makes it a bit easier on the eyes. Go to Settings, Themes then choose the Basic Black theme.

Joy-Cons With Smartphones, Mac, and PC

Users are enjoying Nintendo’s latest Joy-Con controllers and they’ll enjoy even more knowing that they can control their Smartphones or computers with them. Gamers are able to use the Joy-Cons with Android phones, Mac or PC. The setup is quite easy.

Using Bluetooth, the controller will connect to the device. Simply hold down the small sync button on top of the controller. Wait for a second and the lights on them will flash, which lets users know they’re in pairing mode. Find them in the Bluetooth menu of the phone or computer.

USB Keyboard Or Headset

The Nintendo Switch has three different USB ports on the console's dock. This allows for gamers to plug in most USB keyboards. Users will be able to type in search menus or enter passwords, but the keyboard will not allow them to play titles on the console.

USB Bluetooth headsets also work when plugged into the device. If users happen to be using the device portably, buying a USB-C adapter will allow for use of the headsets. Or they can use the audio jack.

Video Entertainment

The Nintendo Switch was made primarily for gaming, so video services such as Amazon Video, Netflix and others didn’t have a place on the console, until now.

Early November Nintendo and Hulu announced a partnership and revealed the Hulu app would be coming to the console. The streaming service is the first entertainment streaming app to hit the console in North America. The app is free but a subscription to Hulu is required to watch the content.

Share Best Moments

For competitive players or just celebrating accomplishments, the Nintendo Switch allows for gamers to share their best moments.

Like the PS4’s DualShock controller, the Switch features a capture button which will instantly save images of the games as they happen.

Pressing the button on the left Joy-Con saves the image that can then be accessed by pressing the blue Album tab on the Switch homepage. Users can edit the image, add text and characters then share via social media.

Amiibo Support

Like its predecessors, the New Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, the Switch offers support for Amiibo figures.

In most games, players will need to enable Amiibo Functionality in the game’s options and tap the Amiibo figure to the right Joy-Con’s analog stick — it should register instantly. This will also allow for in-game material and goodies.

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