Nintendo Switch Hidden 'Golf' Game Removed In Latest Update: Try It With A New Console


The Nintendo Switch was discovered a few months ago to have a hidden NES game inside, but the latest update for the hybrid console apparently removes it.

The secret was said to be a tribute to Satoru Iwata, the late Nintendo president and a legend in the video game industry. Why then did Nintendo remove the hidden NES game?

Nintendo Switch Hidden 'Golf' Game Discovered

In September, hackers discovered a file named "flog" hidden inside the Nintendo Switch. It was first thought to be a NES emulator, but was later discovered to be an emulation of the classic Golf game that has been updated to work with the Nintendo Switch's Joy Cons.

A few days later, the hackers were able to determine how to unlock the hidden Golf game in the Nintendo Switch. It involved setting the console's date to July 11 and recreating a gesture with the Joy Cons that Iwata performed in his Nintendo Direct videos.

Nintendo Switch Update Removes 'Golf'

The Nintendo Switch 4.0.0 update, however, has overwritten the code for the hidden Golf game. According to hackers, the code to launch the easter egg was removed and the rest of its code was overwritten with garbage. Even attempts to manually launch Golf resulted in errors after the installation of the latest update.

If the hidden Golf game was a tribute to Iwata, why would Nintendo remove it? The answer could be because it served as an Omamori, which is basically a good luck charm, to guide the hybrid console through the first year of its launch.

The Nintendo Switch, launched in March, had an amazing 2017. About 10 million units of the hybrid console were sold over its first nine months, launching Nintendo back to its dominant position in the video game industry.

With the success of the Nintendo Switch, perhaps Nintendo though that the good luck charm that asked for Iwata's help has served its purpose.

Try The Hidden 'Golf' Game In A New Nintendo Switch

Gamers who receive Nintendo Switch units for the holidays might want to try playing the secret Golf game before connecting to the internet and updating the hybrid console.

As mentioned, unlocking Golf will first require players to set the date of the Nintendo Switch to July 11. They will then need to use the Joy Cons to perform Iwata's signature gesture. After doing so, the hybrid console's screen will turn to black before loading Golf.

Golf in the Nintendo Switch supports two-player games with the Joy Cons, and it is also compatible with motion controls.

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