Traditional selfie sticks may have been a thing of the past, but a new selfie stick aims to bring it back but with a classy design and improved technology. 

Called the Royole selfie stick, the gadget won the Innovation on Honoree, during this year's CES 2018 event. We sat down with Bill Liu, Royole's Founder and CEO, about winning the award at CES 2018, the Royole selfie stick, and its new technology. 

Winning The Innovation On Honoree At CES 2018

"It felt wonderful to be recognized at CES 2018 Innovation Honoree for our Selfie Stick. It is a great example of how our flexible electronics can improve the user experience and performance of existing products, and it is very gratifying to be recognized by CTA for all of our teams' hard work," said Bill Liu, Royole's Founder and CEO, told Tech Times. 

The Royole Selfie Stick Improves The Traditional Selfie Stick 

"We were inspired to create the Royole selfie stick based on less than ideal experience provided by traditional selfie sticks often needing to adjust the size of the picture, filter, and front/back camera," said Liu. 

"Being light, thin and transparent, our flexible sensor technology fits perfectly in the handle to improve the user experience," said Liu. 

"Our flexible sensor technology can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of shapes and surfaces. This allowed us to integrate the various functions into various handle materials such as leather and plastic, as well as the curvature of the grip," said Liu. 

"Once, again, our capabilities in flexible sensor technology allowed us to take a relatively simple product design and improve the appearance, capabilities, performance, and overall user experience, Liu said. 

"The Royole selfie stick is unique in that it replaces the physical buttons found on traditional selfie sticks. Multi-function flexible sensors wrap around the device handle and allow users to easily control all camera functions such as focus, filter selection, front and rear camera selection, recording, and shutter, said Liu. " All functions can be customized to the user's preferences, making 'self-photography'much more fun and convenient," said Liu. 

At launch, the Royole selfie stick will be available in pink and white. "The colors in the touch area will match with different materials, such as leather, crystal, etc. In the future, we will introduce blue, black, and other colors," said Liu. 

We're not sure of the exact launch date for the Royole selfie stick, but Tech Times was told by Q1 of this year. The gadget will be available in most major retail stores. 

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