Most people have not bought into the hype of the iPhone 7 Plus because they are waiting for the release of the iPhone 8, which marks the 10th anniversary of the phone.

But for people who were eager to purchase the latest issue, there are no regrets because one of its redeeming features is its camera.

iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode In Focus

Many iPhone owners have become instant fans of the Portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus. Using this feature will certainly take your Instagram photos to a whole new level, thanks to the phone's dual lens camera: a 12-megapixel wide-angle f/1.8 lens and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. This extra shooting mode will allow users to create blurred backgrounds and sharper foregrounds, and take photos with an improved depth of field.

iPhone 7 Plus Photography Tips: Bokeh Photography

Using this feature will inspire you to take great portrait photos of humans, pets, plants, and other inanimate objects. You can now use your camera's phone to create bokeh: a Japanese word that literally means "to blur." Bokeh photography allows you to create an "out-of-focus" background to put a visual emphasis on your subject in the foreground.

To use this shooting mode, you need to be using the iPhone 7 Plus and the iOS 10.1 software. Open the phone's camera, slide the camera wheel at the bottom to Portrait mode, and tap the shutter button to take photos. You will be prompted by the phone if you are too close or too far from the subject.

Tips To Take Better Bokeh Photos Using iPhone

To make the most out of the Portrait mode, make sure your subject is really close by, with the background further away. The closer you get to your subject, the greater the photo will be. The larger the gap between your foreground and background, the more pronounced the depth of field will be.

Lighting plays a major factor, as always. Portrait photography requires a lot of light to work, so choose a space that is well lit and avoid overexposed backgrounds. Portrait photographer Jeremy Cowart recommends people who are new to bokeh photography to use a simple background, "cut out the distractions from your subject," and "try to find the shade and put the sun behind your subject as a nice back light."

For professional photographer Pei Ketron, the iPhone's portrait mode rivals those of DSLRs. And when it comes to taking photos of your pets, she has this to say: "Give your pup some space. Portrait mode uses the telephoto lens, so a distance of about eight feet away is recommended. Have treats ready. You'll get the best results when your subject isn't moving."

Apple's Portrait mode is certainly a promising feature, and we can't wait what the company will do to make it even better.

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