The iPhone X appears to be the current darling among flagship smartphones with its almost bezel-free display, Face ID biometric gimmick, and other bells and whistles.

After all, when it officially launched last year, supplies reportedly could not keep up with the demand. However, an alarming piece of information recently came from a credible source, which points to the less-than-expected sales of the premium model.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, there is now a possibility that Apple will cancel production of the X.

The Chinese Market Matters

Recent reports revealed that market interest in the new iPhone models has been unfavorable as indicated by the results of a survey done by Cowen. Kuo noted that the consumers in China dislike the final design of the X due to the noticeable notch on the top half of its display.

It looks like the Chinese users compared the iPhone 8 Plus to the top shelf model and opted for the cheaper variant.  Longtime iOS users want something familiar as well, like the physical home button, Touch ID, and 16:9 display aspect ratio among others.

Hoping For Something Better In 2018

The analyst speculates that the data collected by KGI Securities predicts an uncertain 5 percent growth in the first half of 2018. The reason for its short gain is the number of smartphones being offered by Apple, which include the premium variants: iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

Therefore, users might opt for the older models, which are still available for purchase. Nevertheless, the year might end with favorable numbers for the Cupertino tech company.

Kuo likewise believes that Apple will replace the iPhone X with three new options that will sit in the flagship spot. All three will allegedly have Face ID on board along with other new features.

Speculated Choices

As previous reports suggested, Apple is geared to release three new smartphone variants this year. A 5.8-inch follow-up to the iPhone X, a 6.5-inch Plus variant, and a rumored 6.1-inch model that is meant to replace the iPhone SE.

The first two are supposedly sporting OLED touchscreens, with Samsung and LG supplying the panels for the smaller and larger variants respectively. It is currently unconfirmed if the 6.1-inch iPhone will also sport the same display technology as the others.

A forecast from KGI Securities states that the iPhone X might reach "end of life" around summer 2018, which means that all production will be halted. Unlike other models that take a step back and become lower cost options like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, new stocks of the X will no longer be available.

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