Apple-related updates are now focused on the HomePod as rumors suggest its impending launch. A new leak reveals multi-user support, mute controls, and more.

A user looked deeper into the latest build of iOS firmware 11.2.5 and discovered some new details about the smart speaker. The visual information hidden within the software could hold clues regarding some of the unannounced functions and features of the wireless audio device. The manufacturer presumably intended to keep some of its gimmicks a secret until its eventual release.

Digging Up Data

According to reports, the source scrutinized the Home app for the iPhone and made the discovery after some snooping within the code. The images contained within the assets linked to the application suggest the smart speaker will be capable of several different functions that were never discussed during any presentations about the Siri-powered audio device.

What Can It Possibly Do?

The icons that were featured in the leaked Home app data were first discovered by Filipe Espósito, which he then posted on Twitter. He pointed out that some of the images apparently suggest possible functions.

He explains that one of the images indicates the ability to disable Siri in some situations. A most likely scenario wherein it will be ideally used is during parties. Users can manually turn off Siri, which is normally always on, attentive to any commands given by a registered user. Speaking of users, Apple's HomePod might be able to support more than one user. It's speculated that Siri will provide personalized results depending on the user who gave out the command.

Furthermore, in his tweet, Espósito confirmed that two smart speakers can be linked together for stereo sound. Simultaneous streaming via AirPlay 2 is also available, according to the posted message.

Losing Ground

The HomePod was first announced by Apple during Worldwide Developer Conference event last year. It was initially slated to come out last month in time for the holiday season but was delayed to early 2018. The company announced its delay just a month before it was due to launch. It cited the reason for the deferral as more time was needed to fine-tune the software and hardware integration.

Google and Amazon already have significant head start, as their products make their way into more households before the iOS-powered product's release.

Shipment And Regulatory Approval

Other reports claim that shipments for the HomePods are on their way to retailers. A recent approval from the FCC also means that its regulatory requirements are in order just in time before Apple confirms its availability, which could be anytime now.

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