Apple has released its latest iOS update with 11.2.5 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch which brings new features and a way to avoid the Spectre vulnerability.

To get the new software users simply need to download the over-the-air update in the Settings app. Once the Settings app is open, go to General, then Software Update. The phone will search for the update and ask if the user is ready to update.

Apple usually saves big features for single digit iterations of iOS, but this new update does add something big. Coming in 11.2.5 is functionality to Siri, which will now give users daily news podcast when asked about current headlines.

Users will be able to say the phrase “Hey Siri, play the news” and they’ll hear trending news topics from categories like Sports, Business, World, and more.

Other Features Coming To iOS 11.2.5

The Siri news feature is the biggest reveal in the 11.2.5 update and is triggered when using the phrase, “Hey Siri.” Apple’s digital assistant will pull news information from organizations like Fox, CNN, NPR, and Washington Post. It can also be activated using the button on the Apple headphones or AirPods.

This new feature will get users in the right mind frame for using “Hey Siri” to get information in anticipation for the Apple HomePod, which will have voice-controlled functionality.

There is additional HomePod Support that allows users to transfer their Apple ID, Apple Music, Siri, and Wi-Fi settings to the smart home device.

There are additional improvements including fixing an issue that could cause Phone app to display incomplete information in the call list. There is also a fix that caused Mail notifications for Exchange accounts that would disappear from the Lock screen when unlocking the iPhone X with the Face ID feature.

Additional fixes include an issue that made Messages conversation list out of order, CarPlay Now Playing controls being unresponsive, and added a new ability to hear playback destinations and AirPod battery levels.

Although iOS 11.2.5 takes aim at the Spectre malware, there is no word on the chaiOS messaging bug discovered.

Appel HomePod

Apple revealed that the new HomePod will arrive on Feb. 9 and will be available to order Friday, Jan. 26.

The HomePod is Apple’s wireless speaker that brings incredible audio technology into the home. The entertainment hardware lets users play Music, check the news, sports updates, send messages, and much more using only their voice. The device will use Apple’s digital assistant Siri to accomplish different commands.

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