Apple's iPhone X: Reasons Not To Buy Apple's iPhone X


Apple's latest flagship, the iPhone X, has been a huge success amongst major retail stores since it was released back in November 2017.

Even with its dramatically overpriced tag of $1,000, the iPhone X still has become one of the best smartphones on the market.

Apple's iPhone X Ditches The Home Button And Adds Face ID

Besides its heavy price tag, what's so different about Apple's iPhone X? It's flashy new design and high-end features, of course. With the iPhone X, Apple got rid of its iconic home button and added Face ID, a facial recognition system that allows users to unlock their smartphones without pressing any buttons.

Don't Break The Bank To Buy Apple's iPhone X

Sure, Face ID is a pretty impressive feature to have and everyone talking about it. However, that doesn't mean iPhone owners of older models need to break the bank by buying Apple's iPhone X. In fact, recent reports are showing that consumers are buying much older models such as the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 8, as they still offer updated technology and they are much cheaper than the iPhone X.

Apple Has More Affordable iPhones Available On The Market

Apple's iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 may not have facial recognition but both phones offer a camera that takes decent selfies, a powerful battery life for mobile gaming and streaming, and are dust and water resistant. The iPhone 7 is Apple's first smartphone with no headphone jack.

Skip The iPhone X And Buy The iPhone 7 Or The iPhone 8

Apple's iPhone 7 costs $549.99 in most major retail stores, allowing consumers to save a couple hundred dollars.

The iPhone 8's design is similar to the iPhone 7 but has a new aluminum frame. There's an A11 Bionic chip inside the iPhone 8, which Apple claims is "the most powerful chip ever introduced in a smartphone." Another good reason to buy the iPhone 8 is its price tag of $699.99.

Smartphone owners who own much older iPhone models such as the 6S and can't afford to buy the X, we recommend buying the iPhone 8, as it's a good mixture of the iPhone 7 and iPhone X. Smartphone owners will also be doing themselves a favor by saving more than $300.00.

Have an older iPhone model and thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 8? Let us know in the comment section below.

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