Adobe Updates Photoshop To Work With 8K Displays And Adds Selection Improvements


Adobe released a new version of Photoshop today that includes the ability for the program to work with 8K displays and a new Select Subject feature. The new update adds support for those that are using high-density monitors to be able to better use the program.

Sighs of relief can be heard from those who didn't like having the two scaling options available before the update.

High-Density Monitor Support

Adobe worked with Microsoft to be able to support Windows machines that had high-density monitors. To ensure that Photoshop worked well with lower resolution monitor or higher end 8k monitors. Photoshop now lets users change the scale from 100 percent to 400 percent, to 25 percent increments.

This allows the program to compensate based on the density of the monitor. Photoshop will also be able to automatically adjust itself based on the settings of the computer.

Select Subject

The new feature Select Subject allows users select "prominent subjects" in one click. It is able to automatically select it thinks is the subject of the image. As of now, users cannot mess with the settings for the option. It has a problem with images if the subject appears in a low contrast area.

In a trial run of the feature, Select Subject had no problem selecting the subject of the image but does miss a portion. The problem came when part of the subject didn't stand out enough for the feature to properly recognize it as being part of it. Select Subject uses machine learning to figure out the area around the image, and figure out what is and isn't included on the subject.

This is the first iteration of the tool, changes could include adjusting the threshold to be able to make more accurate selections in the future. Adobe's solution to the problem is to use other selection tools to adjust for the incorrect selection.

Other improvements with the selection process are the addition of a decontamination slider to Select and Mask.

Microsoft Surface Dial Support

Along with the highlighted updates, there was also support added to the Microsoft Surface Dial. Microsoft Surface Dial can now be used to control opacity and adjust opacity as users work with the brush. Any control can be assigned to the dial, including size, roundness, angle, scatter texture depth, foreground and background color, opacity, flow, wetness, and mix.

The update allows brush settings to be changed the mid-brush stroke, as opposed to before when the changes had to be made between brush strokes.

To get this feature, users must have installed the Fall Creators update

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