Some parents desperate to cure autism in their children have resorted to a treatment that uses a potentially deadly mixture of toxic chemicals.


The treatment called the Miracle, or Master Mineral Solution (MMS), is reportedly being force-fed to children as young as 2 years old. The unlicensed product is a concoction of sodium chlorite and citric powder, which creates industrial-strength bleach.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the British Food Standards Authority have already warned of the health effect of using MMS.

Potentially Deadly Autism Treatment

Ingesting the bleach orally or through enema can cause burning sensation, damaged guts, respiratory failure, chemical corrosion of the skin, and other graphic symptoms. Consumption of such a toxic chemical substance may even lead to death.

"These products can be harmful — do not use them in any circumstances," the National Autistic Society has warned. "There is no verified scientific evidence of any kind to support the claims made by those who promote and sell these products."

There have been several reports of serious health problems in those taking MMS. One case of death has also been reported, but the substance remains available for sale on the internet.

Is There Cure For Autism?

Some parents have resorted to dangerous treatments to cure their autistic kid because to date, there is no cure for autism.

"One thing that is important to know about autism up front: There is no cure for autism. So, products or treatments claiming to 'cure' autism do not work as claimed," the FDA said. "The same is true of many products claiming to "treat" autism or autism-related symptoms. "

Timely and effective interventions, however, can improve the child's ability to function. Interventions can involve use of behavioral treatments, medicines, or both.

What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Autism?

Advocacy organization Autism Speaks noted the importance of providing tailored treatments. Each child or adult diagnosed with autism is unique, which means that each autism intervention plan needs to be tailored to address specific needs.

Clinical psychologist Kenneth Roberson, who has worked with patients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, however, cited studies and recommendations by government agencies and scientific organizations such as the Association for Science in Autism Treatment and Organization for Autism Research to point at Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as a better autism treatment than other therapies.

"ABA is a program used by mental health professionals, including autism psychologists, to increase desired behaviors in children, adolescents and adults with autism and to decrease the likelihood of undesired behaviors," Roberson explained.

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