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Knee Bone Fabella Thought Lost To Human Evolution Shows Up In People With Arthritis

The fabella used to be rare in humans. Researchers now said that 39 percent of the world's population in 2018 likely have the knee bone. Arthritis sufferers are twice as likely to have fabella.

Public Health

Researchers Identify Common Virus As Cause Of Mysterious Disease Paralyzing Children

AFM is a polio-like illness that causes paralysis in children. Researchers from the University of Minnesota now report they have found a link between the condition and a common virus.

Public Health

Astronauts May Need To Wear Swimming Goggles In Space: Study

Astronauts on long-duration space missions may soon have to wear swimming goggles. Researchers of a new study reveal how this can protect their eye health.


Ancient DNA Reveals Crusaders Married Local Women And Had Families In Newly Christianized Lands

Bones found in mass burial pit in Lebanon offer glimpse of the lives of the Crusader soldiers. DNA analysis suggests some married local women and had families with them.

Ancient April 18, 2019

Tiny Earthquakes Occur In Southern California Every 3 Minutes

From 2008 to 2017, Southern California had 1.81 million earthquakes, 10 times more than previously identified. The number is equivalent to having one tremor every three minutes.

Earth/Environment April 18, 2019

10,000-Year-Old Urine Reveals How Humans Switched From Hunters To Herders

Researchers analyzed urine salt taken from Aşıklı Höyük in Turkey. Increase in the abundance of these salts show when humans switched from primarily hunting and gathering to herding animals.

Ancient April 18, 2019

Doctors Use HIV, Gene Therapy To Cure Bubble Boy Disease

Researchers developed a new way to treat SCID and doctors call this a cure. Children who received the new therapy are now producing the type of cells needed to fight infection.

Public Health April 17, 2019

Men With Beard Carry More Bacteria Than Dogs

Researchers who looked at bacterial samples from bearded men and dogs found that all 18 men had high microbial counts. Only 23 of the 30 dogs had high bacterial counts. Seven of the men also had so much bacteria in the beard they were likely to get sick.

Public Health April 17, 2019

Liquid Blood Extracted From 42,000-Year-Old Prehistoric Lena Horse

The blood of the male foal, which scientists believe belonged to the now-extinct Lena horse species was preserved in liquid state for 42,000 years. The creature also has intact hair on the legs, head, and parts of the body.

Animals April 17, 2019

Intestinal Bacteria Can Sense Pregnancy And Help In The Development Of The Baby

The abundance of the bacteria Bifidobacterium increases during pregnancy. Researchers now find evidence the bacteria senses pregnancy and responds to it. How does this affect the baby’s development?

Public Health April 16, 2019

Volcanoes Likely Caused Earth's Biggest Mass Extinction, The Great Dying

The Great Dying killed off 95 percent of marine and terrestrial life 252 million years ago. Mercury found in ancient rock offers persuasive evidence volcanic eruptions are behind the biggest mass extinction that occurred on Earth.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2019

Microplastics Contaminate Remote Mountains Because Winds Are Blowing Them Everywhere

Winds can carry tiny plastic particles to seemingly remote and pristine regions such as the Pyrenees mountains in southern France. Microplastic particles floating on the wind in the Pyrenees came from plastic bags, plastic films, and packaging materials.

Earth/Environment April 15, 2019

Falling For Phone Scams Could Be Sign Of Alzheimer's Disease In Seniors Who Showed No Symptoms Of Dementia

Seniors who have little or no awareness of potential scams were found to be at greater risk for mild cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease. Researchers hope that a scam awareness test could help diagnose dementia sufferers in the future.

Public Health April 15, 2019

Only Known Female Of World's Rarest Turtle Species Died In China Zoo

The 90-year-old Yangtze giant softshell turtle died in Suzhou zoo in southern China after an attempt to artificially inseminate her. She was the last known female member of the species.

Animals April 15, 2019

Giant Flightless Bird Attacks And Kills Its Owner In Florida

Authorities said 75-year-old Marvin Hajos appears to be in the vicinity of the cassowary when he fell and was attacked by the animal. The bird is currently secured on a private property.

Animals April 14, 2019

Ja'bari Gray, Baby Born Without Skin Below The Neck, Green Lighted By Insurance Provider To Get Treatment From 'Out Of Network' Hospital

Baby Ja'bari Gray was born with a rare form of skin disease known as Aplasia Cutis. His family hopes he gets life-saving medical treatment at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.

Feature | Health April 14, 2019

Botched Microblading Treatment Leaves Single Mom Jami Ledbetter With '4 Eyebrows'

Jami Ledbetter received a $250 microblading treatment in November. She decided to get fuller eyebrows but ended up having 'four brows'. She said makeup can't camouflage her botched eyebrows.

Feature | Health April 14, 2019

Fecal Transplant Reduces Nearly 50 Percent Of Autism Symptoms In Children

Children with ASD who received healthy donor gut bacteria through Microbiota Transfer Therapy showed improvements in behavior and digestive symptoms. Fecal transplant thus holds potential as a treatment for children with ASD who also have gastrointestinal problems.

Public Health April 13, 2019

Homeless Veteran Johnny Bobbitt Jr. Sentenced For His Involvement In GoFundMe Scam That Raised $400,000

Johnny Bobbit Jr., who struggled with drug addiction, said he did not have a role in setting up the GoFundMe campaign, but he promoted the fraud by appearing on TV shows and retelling the lie. He will go through a long-term, in-patient drug program followed by special probation.

Viral April 13, 2019

Inmate Rebecca Smith Files Lawsuit Over Scabies Outbreak At Michigan Women's Prison

The lawsuit alleges the outbreak started in 2017, but the Michigan Department of Correction only publicly acknowledged the issue this year. It said the defendants failed to make reasonable steps to mitigate the infection and treat inmates.

Public Health April 13, 2019

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