Confirming earlier reports, Microsoft has sent out invitations for another Windows 10 reveal event where the tech company is widely expected to show off consumer components of the incoming operating system.

Microsoft showed off the business end of Windows 10 a few months earlier, in an hour-long presentation meant to stir up excitement among developers and enterprises.

The circulation of press invitations confirms Microsoft will be ready to display more of Windows 10's features on Jan. 21, at its headquarters in Redmond, Wash.

During the Windows 10's enterprise reveal, Microsoft held off showing how the new OS will manifest on mobile devices and what features it offers outside of workplaces. Microsoft did, however, offer a glimpse of the new OS' continuum feature, an element that will serve users during working hours and downtime.

Continuum adapts to the interface the user requires, offering a touch-centric interface for tablets and switch to a traditional desktop scheme when a keyboard is attached.

Microsoft also revealed it was detaching its apps from the metro menu, allowing them to live in their own windows. Apps have now been made universal so they run on mobile devices and desktops alike.

During Windows 10's next reveal event, it's likely Microsoft will expound on the ability for apps to scale to each device in a user's ecosystem. Microsoft is expected to spend time discussing the future of its Xbox console, which could provide answers as to whether the new universal apps will be supported on the company's gaming hardware.

For those who refused to ever use Windows 8's metro tiles, the business reveal of Windows 10 confirms that the Microsoft design language scheme has been merged into the revived Start menu.

Microsoft's Siri assassin, Cortana, appears to be priming for some time in the spotlight at Windows 10's next reveal, as the digital assistant has appeared in an early build of the operating system. WinBeta got its hands on an early build and got a chance to try out Cortana.

The digital assistant has many of the same features found on Windows Phone, though the absence of a database connection means some elements of Cortana were unavailable during WinBeta's time with her.

While Microsoft's next Windows 10 reveal is slated for Jan. 21, the tech world may find out more about what the new OS will offer a few weeks sooner. Microsoft has reserved a booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 6.

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