Leaked Samsung Galaxy S9 Renders In Lilac Show Off New Fingerprint Reader Amid Price Hike Rumors


Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks continue to churn through the rumor mill as the smartphone's unveiling date draws near, with the latest information on the device involving its new fingerprint scanner and a pending price hike.

These leaks are not confirmed by Samsung, but interested customers will not have to wait long. The Galaxy S9 announcement is set for Feb. 25, which is when we will finally know everything about the highly anticipated smartphone.

Galaxy S9 Leaked Images: Lilac Color And New Fingerprint Scanner

In late January, prolific leaker Evan Blass uploaded Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ renders, along with the layouts of the rear components of the smartphones. The devices look very much like their Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ predecessors, but the rear components looked very different.

In the latest leaked Galaxy S9 images from Blass, the rear components are shown exactly how they would look like at the back of the smartphones, which apparently also come in lilac. The fingerprint scanner, which caused issues with the Galaxy S8 as it was placed beside the camera, is now located underneath it. In addition, the dual cameras of the Galaxy S9+ are arranged vertically, similar to Apple's iPhone X.

According to previous rumors, the Galaxy S9 camera is something that Samsung fans should look forward to. The company accidentally leaked that the Galaxy S9 will be the first Samsung smartphone to use the new ISOCELL camera sensor, which will allow features such as slow-motion video recording at 480 frames per second and full 1080p HD.

Galaxy S9 Price: More Expensive Than Galaxy S8

Separately, a TechRadar report claimed that the Galaxy S9 will be £100 more expensive than the Galaxy S8, citing a source within the United Kingdom's smartphone industry.

The assumption is that the Galaxy S9 price in the United States will go up by the same amount. This means that the smartphone may come with a price tag of $850, compared to the Galaxy S8 initial price of $750.

The Galaxy S9+ price is not mentioned in the report, but in previous releases, the larger counterpart of the Galaxy S line of smartphones costs $100 more than the smaller model. This would mean that the Galaxy S9+ price may start at $950.

With the iPhone X breaching the $1,000 mark, modern high-end smartphones are becoming more expensive. This makes the decision on which one to buy even more important, as it remains to be seen whether customers will choose to buy the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ after they are unveiled in less than three weeks.

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