Google Maps Go launched in beta back in January with extremely limited availability, but it's now open to users worldwide.

When it first hit the scene last month, the Google Maps Go beta was available to just a few users with devices running Android Oreo Go. Nearly a month later, the Google Maps Go beta app is ready for a wider rollout and it's available even for non-Go devices, albeit it still hasn't reached all markets worldwide.

Google Maps Go Beta Hits Wider Availability

The Google Maps Go beta app is now available on Google Play in the United States and other markets worldwide, bringing a lighter version of Google Maps for devices with lower-end specs. In addition to the United States, the beta is also making its way to the Middle East, Europe, the UK, and other markets.

Google has yet to reveal a clear list of markets where the Maps Go Beta is expanding, so for now, the easiest way to check whether it's available is to head over to the Google Play store and see if the app is ready to install.

Google Maps Go: What Does It Bring?

Google Maps Go is a lighter version of the full-fledged Maps app, delivering the base experience but with slight compromises. The app is designed to run smoothly on lower-end Android devices that don't have much RAM or processing power.

The APK is smaller and the app requires fewer resources than the regular Maps version, but that also means that it doesn't have all of the features of the regular app. That said, those looking for the full Maps experience might want to stick to the full-fledged app if their handset supports it.

While low-end and midrange smartphones now pack more horsepower than they used to, there are still plenty of devices with limited resources. To accommodate such devices, a number of apps are now sporting lighter versions, such as Skype Lite, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, YouTube Go, and more recently Google Maps Go.

Although Google Maps Go doesn't include all of the features of the full-fledged app, it still covers the basics such as pinpointing one's location on a map, offering directions, showing saved places, and other such. For those with low-end devices or slow internet connections, the Maps Go beta should more than suffice.

Those who would like to try out the Google Maps Go beta first need to sign up for the testing group before downloading the app from the Play Store. Otherwise, the app will appear as incompatible with your devices.

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