There's been some lingering questions over the actual content of the Nintendo Switch port of Payday 2, with some alleging that the title isn't worth buying because it's significantly outdated than on other platforms.

Starbreeze Studios has now confirmed that Payday 2, upon launch, will only be updated to a certain point. Yes, the full game will be there, including multiplayer features, so players will still get the same band-robbing action the developers are promising.

Payday 2 On Nintendo Switch Based On Older Version

In an interview with Polygon, the developers assured players that the game will receive updates, but not immediately. The main game will be based on an older version, yes, including content "up to and including the 'Most Wanted' update" — equivalent to the content released on PC through mid-2017. This will surely disappoint many players who are hoping that the game will offer right off the bat all the DLC released thus far.

They're still scheduled to arrive, though. The studio said that they went with an older version of Payday 2 for the Switch because it wanted to release it early in time for the game's fifth anniversary. To meet this timeframe, it had to go with "the content ported and available at the time of console submission."

The game will receive future content updates that will eventually catch everything up by the end of the year. The studio didn't give an exact and specific timeframe detailing when these updates will arrive, but hopefully there'll be more news once it's released.

Skepticism About Future Updates

However, it's unclear if these things will do anything to calm irate Switch owners planning to buy Payday 2 but are skeptical of the game's content. Over at the Payday subreddit, one player expressed disappointment over the studio's seemingly crass disregard of other console versions after they launched.

"Given their track Record, Overkill will most likely drop it like a hot potato just like the other console versions."

Another user chimed in, saying:

"I'm so disappointed and frustrated. I know they've always released crap ports but... I wanted to believe, you know? Even if we didn't get any more updates as long as we had something recent, like Update 167 which was right before Reservoir Dogs."

Payday 2 launches on the Nintendo Switch this Feb. 27 in the United States.

Are you planning to buy the game given the details mentioned above? Do you think the studio will abandon the game like the other ports? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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